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status: 26: client/server handshaking failed

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I am trying to restore a single DB instance from Exchange in NBU 7.6.1 the problem is that I dont have support, So I have it difficult.


Everytime I try to restore I keep getting the "handshake" error then 2810 error.


The output:



"06/08/2018 21:31:01 - begin Restore
06/08/2018 21:31:01 - Info bprd(pid=7064) Found (12.178) files in (1) images for Restore Job ID
06/08/2018 21:31:01 - media 000613 required
06/08/2018 21:31:01 - restoring image dagpge_1532613051
06/08/2018 21:31:05 - Info bprd(pid=7064) Searched ( 6) files of (12.178) files for Restore Job ID
06/08/2018 21:31:05 - Info bprd(pid=7064) Restoring from copy 1 of image created 07/26/18 08:50:51 from policy DAGPGE_correo
06/08/2018 21:31:06 - Info bpbrm(pid=7344) CORREONEW is the host to restore to
06/08/2018 21:31:06 - Info bpbrm(pid=7344) reading file list for client
06/08/2018 21:31:08 - connecting
06/08/2018 21:31:08 - Info bpbrm(pid=7344) starting bptm
06/08/2018 21:36:11 - Error bpbrm(pid=7344) handshake failure when starting tar on CORREONEW; read:
06/08/2018 21:36:11 - Info tar32(pid=0) done. status: 26: client/server handshaking failed
06/08/2018 21:36:11 - Error bpbrm(pid=7344) client restore EXIT STATUS 26: client/server handshaking failed
06/08/2018 21:36:11 - restored image dagpge_1532613051 - (client/server handshaking failed(26)); restore time 0:05:10
06/08/2018 21:36:11 - end Restore; elapsed time: 0:05:10
MS-Exchange-Server policy restore error (2810)"



So now I am short of  Ideas


Attached to the mail you can see some screenshots of the steps I am following


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Tell us more about the client you want to restore to: CORREONEW
Is this a node in Exch DAG?
Is this where the Information Store is running?

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in fact CORREONEW Is a node in Exch DAG?

The backups are from a DAG Group where CORREONEW is part of.


But USER03 was corrupted this morning, thats the way we need to restore just that mailbox.


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This seems more of a connection question than Exchange. The fact that the restore got to bpbrm says that the access check in bprd passed.

I suggest starting with the bpbrm log on the media server and the bpcd log on the correonew client. You may have to turn up logging levels to see the actions that lead up to the failure.

I have some concerns about your procedure:

- Since you are restoring to a new Exchange server, are you restoring to a recovery database? If the original database exists, you can't just use NetBackup to create another copy of it in the same domain.

- You say that user03 is corrupted. What's corrupted? Exchange stores mailbox properties and data. Active Directory holds user information. This is even more the case in Exchange 2013 than it was in Exchange 2010.

- What are you doing to rebuild user03? Are you able to keep the user and mailbox, and just copy contents to it from an RDB, or do you need to rebuild the user or mailbox from scratch? If the latter, you would have to create them outside of NetBackup. Then you would be able to copy the data.

- Did your backup use GRT? If the mailbox isn't too big, and you have a mailbox in place, you can restore contents to that mailbox. I tell support to tell customers not to use GRT to restore massive amounts of mail, but you can restore reasonable amounts.

- 7.6.1 is old. You don't say what your Exchange version is. NetBackup 7.6.1 was one of the first releases to support Exchange 2013. I don't remember what issues there may have been. We made two maintenance releases, so even on 7.6.1, you should be on