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status code 25 on rman backups

Level 3
SunOS netback01 5.10 Generic_137111-07 sun4u sparc SUNW,SPARC-Enterprise
using version 6.5.3 for rman backups. 

I am getting a repeat, intermittent failure of status code 25.  The only error I can pinpoint in the logs is :

08:40:03.488 [53095] <2> bpbrm main: validating image for client bleh


08:40:08.738 [53108] <16> bpbrm send_info_via_progress_file: cannot become user applbleh and group lbldba on bleh

08:40:08.836 [53108] <2> set_job_details: LOG 1239626408 16 bpbrm 53108 cannot become user applbleh and group lbldba on bleh

08:40:08.916 [53108] <16> bpbrm send_info_via_progress_file: could not disconnect from bpcd on bleh

08:40:09.016 [53108] <2> set_job_details: LOG 1239626409 16 bpbrm 53108 could not disconnect from bpcd on bleh

08:40:34.722 [53297] <2> logparams: -backup -S netbackup -c bleh -ct 4 -ru applbleh -cl BLEH_ARC -sched Default-Application-Backup -bt 1239626433 -dt 0 -st 2 -b bleh_1239626433 -mediasvr netbackup -jobid 1175524 -jobgrpid 1175524 -masterversion 650000 -maxfrag 1048576 -reqid -1238457508 -mt 2 -to 5400 -stunit netbackup-robot-tld-1 -rl 14 -rp 691200 -cj 10 -D 6 -rt 8 -rn 1 -pool fsb1 -use_ofb -use_otm -jm -secure 1 -kl 28 -rg lbldba -fso -keyword blehdb -hodb -cfc -L /usr/openv/netbackup/logs/user_ops/dbext/logs/12223.0.1239626428 -connect_options 16974081

I am confused how this could only happen every couple of backup attempts though.

Any thoughts would be appreciated



Level 6
This is a name resolution problem and probable specifically reverse lookup.
next thing to check is if the script does a su - oracle

Level 3
Hi Stumpr,

the script does an su - oracle...  It seems everything is resolving & the permissions are correct.  Unless I am not checking something correctly

Level 6
Hi BackupJ,

By all means, this is a network issue.

Here are a few things to check

How many interfaces do you have on client?
What is the OS on client?
Is there a firewall between the master/media server and client?
Are the hosts file updated properly?