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supported client version for win2003

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Want to upgrade the netbackup version to 8.3.  Currently we are using Netbackup Master Server 8.1.1. Along with Netbackup client on windows 2003. 

If we upgrade  master server to 8.3. Do current client will be able to communicate with new master server or not.

What is the min/max client version supported by Win 2003 OS. 


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The last supported version of Windows 2003 with Netbackup Client is 7.6.1 as per

To be in a supported configuration, your master/media server shouldn't be above 8.1.2 as per 

That's not to say that having a higher master/media version won't work, but it just won't be supported.

Our master server is 8.1.1.  and around 50 clients are running on win2003 NBC

we are planning to upgrade 8.2 or 8.3. 

as i understand we cannot upgrade the client version form 7.6 to 7.7.

can 7.6 version is able to communicate with 8.2 master server

Is your win 2003 machines are VMs by any chance ? If so you could convert the backup policies from MSwindows to VMware.

If not you can try your luck. My environment still running some old AIX server with NBU 7.0 being Master on 8.2.

May the power be with you!!!

Various unsupported version combinations that have been suggested might work, and they might not. It seems risky to me. Microsoft ended even extended support for the last Windows 2003 releases in July 2015. I suggest you upgrade your 50 old clients before you upgrade NetBackup.

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Herewith official version compatibility:

You can see that the last Master server version to support 7.6.x was NBU 8.1.2.

As per @Nick_Morris's post, the last version to support W2003 client was 7.6.1.

So, it may work, it might not. No promises.

As per @pats_729, good suggestion to virtualize all W2003 servers.

Best advise from @Lowell_Palecek to upgrade/migrate the W2003 servers.
Having applications that cannot be ported to newer OS is extremely short-sighted.
Business will need to look at something else that is more agile.


Definitely go with the advice/information from @Lowell_Palecek and @Marianne. I would use that information to send it to the sysadmins/application admin/managers who own the 50 odd Windows 2003 servers.

I have a few unsupported clients in my environment too e.g. Windows 2003 (just a handful now), 1 RHEL 4 (yes!) and still a few RHEL 5. Luckily, there are only a handful of them which a physical servers. But we only back them up as "best effort" and no troubleshooting for backup or restore failures. It depends on your environment, work culture and management though.