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tape device going down

hi there,


after the getting this message aix media server tape device going down and frozen some media,




Attention : Drive Warn or Crit Tape Alert flag

Event Code:                      0x84 - tape alert

Element number:                  0x11, 17

Drive number:                    0x02, 2

Tape Alert Flag:                 0x09, 9


This message was generated automatically from

IBM      3573-TL        



Are there anyone seen that message 

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Have a look in

/usr/openv/netbackup/db/media/errors & Problems Report. It may shed some light on it.

Hi Andy

l try to search something may be related my problem and l use this command

You can temporarily clear the flag with ...\volmgr\bin\tpclean -M <drive_name>. 

after the using this the backup process successfully start but l am not sure it finished completely successfull. and l dont understand what is the relation between media write protect warning and cleaning drive

"media write protect warning"

Where did you see that? If some of your media are write-protected that would explain the failures/media freezes. Drive cleaning is not directly associated with this but dirty heads could also result in failures/freezes & drive going down.

There are certain thresholds that NB maintains that determines whether a drive should be downed or media frozen:


tape alert flag 9 means that media write protect. l found this ibm article 


flag number 9 = write protect, and l think the main problem cleaning media but l cant find anything.

Looked on my tape alert list & missed that one!

Did you indeed find that they were write-protected? That'll explain much!

Why do you believe your main problem is cleaning media?

its just an idea may be related with this

how can l clearly check the media is the write protected mode ?

On my new costumer network: I

On my new costumer network:

I ve got a lot of frozen media due to down drives on LTO4 with SSO...


Currently frozing 4-5 tapes per week.... Cannot do anything else than duplicating those images stored in...


If someone got an idea??, I ve got a call opened with Sun-oracle and symantec since 1 year, and nobody give me the sollution...

Our workarroud is to make Oracle replacing the drive, (they said each time that the drive was okay...:) ) and the remplaced drive is okay for 6 month more... After 6 month use, the drive start to hang on by frozing tapes and going down...

So now, each time we froze or we see down path, we remplace the drive... and it works, but to my mind it is an heresy to change drive for frozen tapes.....


Probably physically inspect each one!

Altho' that could be a thankless task! Had to do it once & it's not fun unloading & reloading all the tapes in a library - unless you can inspect them whilst they are in situ - our old STK L180 was almost large enough to climb inside yet our current Overland isn't as accommodating!

Once done, ensure all tapes are not write-protected when they are loaded.


can l test phsically test it ? my customer check the media and all media not in write protect mode.

for example before applyint tpclean command 008AAB media gives error and change status active to frozen.

and then l was unfreeze the media. after that l was ran the tpclean command after that retry the failed job and now its running. but l am not sure this process solved the problem and this problem never occur in the future. 

Cleaning cannot change the write-protection state of a tape

- it's just not possible!

Is it just a coincidence?

i.e. failure for 008AAB actually due to drive requiring cleaning & not because it was in a write-protected state? Or are you saying that the error for this tape specifically stated that it was write-protected & not just a "write-error" that it encountered?

yes l agree with you, you are right its not possible

but its happinig like that. l think l need the analyse the media behaviour for other backups and then l will see the result. 

Have a good look at the errors reported

& the physical media when this next happens.


when l run the test backup without running any other backup job running the backup start and finish successfully on this server but again this backup start in a backup window time and other job running this backup progress failed same as yesterday

l get this error under /usr/openv/netbackup/db/media/errors

05/15/11 00:10:22 018AAB 0 WRITE_ERROR IBM.ULT3580-TD5.000
05/15/11 00:10:34 018AAB 0 TAPE_ALERT IBM.ULT3580-TD5.000 0x00800000 0x00000000
05/15/11 00:13:53 017AAB 0 WRITE_ERROR IBM.ULT3580-TD5.000
05/15/11 00:14:08 017AAB 0 TAPE_ALERT IBM.ULT3580-TD5.000 0x00800000 0x00000000
05/15/11 00:17:17 073AAB 0 WRITE_ERROR IBM.ULT3580-TD5.000
05/15/11 00:17:30 073AAB 0 TAPE_ALERT IBM.ULT3580-TD5.000 0x00800000 0x00000000
05/15/11 00:26:49 072AAB 1 WRITE_ERROR IBM.ULT3580-TD5.001
05/15/11 00:27:00 072AAB 1 TAPE_ALERT IBM.ULT3580-TD5.001 0x00800000 0x00000000
05/15/11 00:30:33 051AAB 1 WRITE_ERROR IBM.ULT3580-TD5.001
05/15/11 00:30:48 051AAB 1 TAPE_ALERT IBM.ULT3580-TD5.001 0x00800000 0x00000000
05/15/11 00:33:47 050AAB 1 WRITE_ERROR IBM.ULT3580-TD5.001
05/15/11 00:34:00 050AAB 1 TAPE_ALERT IBM.ULT3580-TD5.001 0x00800000 0x00000000
05/16/11 00:57:34 071AAB 0 WRITE_ERROR IBM.ULT3580-TD5.000
05/16/11 00:57:46 071AAB 0 TAPE_ALERT IBM.ULT3580-TD5.000 0x00800000 0x00000000
05/16/11 01:02:15 080AAB 1 WRITE_ERROR IBM.ULT3580-TD5.001
05/16/11 01:02:24 080AAB 1 TAPE_ALERT IBM.ULT3580-TD5.001 0x00800000 0x00000000
05/17/11 00:35:20 018AAB 1 WRITE_ERROR IBM.ULT3580-TD5.001
05/17/11 00:35:35 018AAB 1 TAPE_ALERT IBM.ULT3580-TD5.001 0x00800000 0x00000000
05/17/11 00:39:30 071AAB 1 WRITE_ERROR IBM.ULT3580-TD5.001
05/17/11 00:39:43 071AAB 1 TAPE_ALERT IBM.ULT3580-TD5.001 0x00800000 0x00000000
05/17/11 00:43:12 017AAB 1 WRITE_ERROR IBM.ULT3580-TD5.001
05/17/11 00:43:27 017AAB 1 TAPE_ALERT IBM.ULT3580-TD5.001 0x00800000 0x00000000
05/17/11 01:04:23 072AAB 0 WRITE_ERROR IBM.ULT3580-TD5.000 

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