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tape drive cleaning error code 98 after migrating to Linux RHEL 5.7 w NBU

Level 3

Since the migration, we have this tape drive cleaning error from netbackup and none of the cleaning jobs are successful. Previously, it was working properly in NBU running Solaris 10.


Cleaning tapes still have cycles remaining.


Error status 98: 1: (98) error requesting media (tpreq)

04/18/2013 08:19:26 - granted resource  CLN296
04/18/2013 08:19:26 - granted resource  Adic-drive2
04/18/2013 08:19:27 - Info bptm (pid=32453) start
04/18/2013 08:19:27 - Cleaning of drive Adic-drive2 from server mojito with media CLN296.
04/18/2013 08:19:41 - Error bptm (pid=32453) error requesting media, TpErrno = Robot operation failed
04/18/2013 08:19:41 - Info bptm (pid=32453) EXITING with status 98 <----------
04/18/2013 08:19:41 - current media CLN296 complete, requesting next media Adic-drive2:None:CLN296
04/18/2013 08:19:41 - Error nbjm (pid=17986) NBU status: 98, EMM status: The media server reported a system error
error requesting media (tpreq)  (98)

Is it something to do w HW or SW?


Robtest is OK as I can move cleaning media to tape drive and move back.


Kindly assist.




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What is the output of vmquery -m CLN296

Make sure the Cleaning tapes are configured as clenaing tapes HC_CLN and needs to be of the same density as drives are.

Level 3

Tech support has sent me a EEB to patch the system (tldcd)


It's working now..


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Thanks for the update, could you please update the EEB in your  number link above so it will help others having the same issue.

Level 3

The EEB patch given to us did resolve the tape drive cleaning issue BUT created another big issue now. It seems to replace the TLDCD and our tape library robot went down every now and then. We have the perform manual restart of Media Manager Daemon to up the service. Every restart will kill all the restore jobs running. This has hugely affected our environment.

The EEB patch is eebinstaller.2917954.1.linuxR_x86

We have reopen the case with Symantec support and upgrade the case to Severity 1 but still no sign of them calling us. The service is really slow and bad nowadays.

Anyone knows of a way to roll back the EEB patch?


All advice will be appreciated.



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Have a look at this TN: 
DOCUMENTATION: Instructions on using the NetBackup Emergency Engineering Binary (EEB) installer

To uninstall an EEB:

1.  The EEB installer is saved in the following locations:
UNIX: /usr/openv/pack/EEB/NetBackup_<version>/PET#######_SET#######_EEB#_<platform>

2.  From the command line, cd to this directory.

3.  Run the installer with the -uninstall command line switch:
# ./eebinstaller.<etrack>.<version>.<platform> -uninstall

4.  ...

5. ....