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tpclean doesn't recognize cleaning tapes in robot

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I have 4 cleaning cartridges, 1/2". I have them showing up in the NetBackup GUI properly, but when I run tpclean, it doesn't notice them. We have a Quantum Scalar i80 robotic tape library, with 4 LTO-5 tape drives. The regular media and the drives are configured as HCART2, and the cleaning media are configured as HC2_CLN. Why doesn't this work?

# tpclean -C HP.ULTRIUM5-SCSI.000
No cleaning tape is defined in the device's robot or 0 cleanings remaining

I ran tpclean -M driveID on one of the drives, and it marks it as cleaned and reset the mount time, as expected, but I can't get the -C to actually run a cleaning.

# tpclean -L
Drive Name Type Mount Time Frequency Last Cleaned Comment
********** **** ********** ********* **************** *******
QUANTUM.DLT8000.000 dlt2 0.0 0 N/A
HP.ULTRIUM5-SCSI.000 hcart2* 3001.6 1000 N/A
HP.ULTRIUM5-SCSI.001 hcart2* 0.0 1000 16:08 08/18/2017
HP.ULTRIUM5-SCSI.002 hcart2* 2044.9 1000 N/A
HP.ULTRIUM5-SCSI.003 hcart2* 2032.1 1000 N/A


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Does cleaning tapes show the robot number, and what is the volume pool they are in ? they should be NONE volume pools.

and howmany cleaning remaining on each cleaning tape, do they have avaliable cleanings?

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Please show us output of vmquery for one of the cleaning tapes:
vmquery -m (media-id)

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The cleaning tapes need valid cleaning label in order to work correctly with Netbackup.

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It would be nice if @mwrandall could show us vmquery output for one of the cleaning tapes....


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With the barcode as defined by the library vendor.  Usually CLNxxx but I have in the past seen a library that needed the cleaning tape barcode as CLU_xxx