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track_journal.v1.dat Are growing to large

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I have 2 "web" server both running AIX 7.3.4. 

We are also running NB 7.7 master

It looks like there are 4 versions of the "track_journal.v1.dat" file. I understand that the tracking file is tracking the changes for the acceleration.

If I do an output on in the directory the track_journal files are it looks like this :


0.52    track_journal.v1.dat.dbg.01151114.200511.122.10879118

0.65    track_journal.v1.dat.dbg.01160006.200400.674.14680300

1.36    track_journal.v1.dat.dbg.01151119.131059.405.17825992

1.59    track_journal.v1.dat


To me it seems like 4G of space dedicated to acceleration is quite a bit, I don’t see this problem anywhere else in my environment.

I’m wondering if there is a way to reduce the storage the track_journal.v1.dat take up.

Can I have just one version of it, because it looks like it’s keep the current and 3 older versions?

Can I direct the output of the track_journal.v1.dat to another directory?



My concerns are that /usr/ will fill up, I’ve already allocated 15G to the filesystem and I’ve seen it get to 95% full do to the track_journal.v1.dat files. Also my mksysbs for the two problem servers are 50% larger then all of my other mksysbs.

I’ve read that you shouldn’t manually delete theses files also.


I’m just looking for some direction and options I would have to manage/fix this problem.


Accepted Solutions

Level 6

Move them to another location per technote



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Level 6

Move them to another location per technote