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two policy with same client in netbackup running backup at same time

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We create two Policies for backup of fileserver with same client and add folders on it. Some folders are common in both.

My Questionns are:

  • What happen if we run backup of both policies at same time?
  • what will happen If FSA (File system archiving) process is running at same time?

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My questions to you:
- Why do you want to do that?
- Why schedule FSA and backup at the same time?

You are the best person to monitor the results....

Sorry for my answer, but I won't attempt any of the two as my logic says it's not a good idea.


I do this - the key is to exclude the directories / file systems as needed. Otherwise you are doubling the data you are backing up, which may or may not be what you want (depending on how large it is, you may not care)

What I do is:

In the install directory on the client, you will need to create files in a format of "exclude_list.policy.schedule" ( the schedule is optional)

So if policyA backs up OS files, and policyB backs up data files, you would create exclude_list.policyA and list the data directories in it, and create exclude_list.policyB and list the OS directories.

For example - my oracle database servers - I do not want to back up the Oracle db files when I do the OS backup, so I exclude them from the OS backup.

Here is my exlude file for the MSGDR database: ( I exclude the MSGDR data, the GG files and the archive logs )

# cat exclude_list.UNIX.OS_MSGDR.PROD

These are backed up when I run my oracle script ( I call a user backup at the end of the rman script to back up the local oracle file data and control file )

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