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unable to add netbackup master on vmware netbackup plugin

Level 3


I m trying to add my netbackup master server on vmware netbackup plugin but it failed with the message.

Failed to communicate with NetBackup master server on port 8443 with the supplied authentication token. Please verify that NetBackup master server name, port and authentication token are valid.

On the master server when i sniff the network i see traffic from the vcenter host on the good destination port.

the netbackup master server and the vcenter server communicate well on the network level. 

I have created the keys like it s written here

I have tried to see the logs as it s written here

But when i run the command  

vxlogview -i nbwebservice -p nb -L -E

I got 

vxlogview -i nbwebservice -p nb -L -E

how can i investigate more on this problem?