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updradation from Netbackup to 7.6

Hello Guys,

Could you pelase advise on below points, while we do the Nebackup updradation from to 7.6

1. I went through the updradation guid, as per that befor initating updradation we have to stop all the netbackup service and have to decativate all the policies, storage unit and it has next step start image migration in two phase and to start the second we have to run hte image cleanup command, However how will be it possible because we have alrady stopped all the services.

2. How can we ensure that if we have MSDP in my environment or not because I read MSDP conversion is also a part of the updradation.  I have already checked we have two disk pool and we have selected in storage unit disk type is open storage (Data domain)

3. How can we update all the client from master server, I have already checked we are not using Live update server on master server. 



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Accepted Solution!

Look at my 1st post above.

Look at my 1st post above. Open the Upgrade Portal TN. You will see that you can upgrade directly.

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When you upgrade from 7.1 to

When you upgrade from 7.1 to 7.6, there are 2 separate conversions that take place 
- NBU image headers are migrated to EMM database
- conversion of MSDP pools (not applicable if you only have DataDomain).

1. Not sure where you are reading, but I don't see what you see under:
Upgrading to NetBackup 7.6 and migrating the image metadata using the Simple method 
starting on page 37.
If you look at step-by-step procedures starting on p.38, it does not say to stop NBU services before disabling or deactivating anything.
Stopping services is only mentioned in step 7 on p.39.

2. If you only have DD pools, you don't have MSDP.

3. You can start Windows Client installation from the installation media on the master and select Network Clients.
Details and requirements in NetBackup Installation Guide  

PLEASE take note of Master server requirements (such as minimum memory) in Installation Guide.
Read through NetBackup 7.x Upgrade Portal  and open each URL mentioned in this doc - including SORT.

1. The conversions phases 1

1. The conversions phases 1 and 2 start after you've upgraded the the binaries and the services restart. Just let it run and do the checks to see if its completed as per the upgrade guide.

2. If you have only DataDomain, and no PureDisk diskpools then you don't have to worry about the MSDP conversion steps.

3. You can launch the client installation from any client and push (select install to remote computers) the installation to all your serrvers.

Marianne, Could you please



Could you please advise exact doc name that you are asking to refer becuase above mentioend link contains lot of docs. 

I am reveiwing doc Netbackup_7.6_fa_updrade_guide_1.Pdf, which has step 3 on Page 34 to disable all the policies and storage unigna dn step 5 on Page 35 mentioend to stop all the service and 8 and 10 contains details to migration of image metadata. 

Hi Gurminder  Sorry for the

Hi Gurminder 

Sorry for the information I gave you earlier today, I actually haven't worked on DD .You have already got nice suggestions from the NBU Champs. But to answer your query 2 you can check the following. If you dont have MSDP configured the second query should not return any value, also you can check it from the GUI as well.

nbdevquery -listdp -stype DataDomain -U
nbdevquery -listdp -stype PureDisk -U

some useful commands


Thanks Tanmoy for your

Thanks Tanmoy for your suggestion, 


Marianne, Could you please share link that you are suggesting to refer for updradation. 

I see you are looking at the

I see you are looking at the First Availability (FA) version of the Upgrade Guide. Please download the new version from this link : NBU 7.6 Documentation: 7.6 Upgrade Guide : PS: You can find links to all manuals in 'Handy NBU Links ' in my signature.

Thanks for the clearification

Thanks for the clearification Marianne.

Is it necessary to send NBCC file to symantec to check database consitancey befor initating the updgadation

If you run NBCC -upgrade and

If you run NBCC -upgrade and there are no errors then you don't need to.

Hello Guys, we have SQL and

Hello Guys,


we have SQL and VM backup are also configured in our environment. I read upgradation guide but did not find any additional step that needs to take for these. Could you please suggest on same.

Do we need Netbackup license key also during upgrade.

Hi, You shold upgrade your



You shold upgrade your SQL clients.


For VMware you'll create new VMware backup policies using VIP, stop using the Flash Backup version.


In both cases check that what ever you're using now is supported by 7.6

You need new license keys for

You need new license keys for 7.6 install. But you need that as well to download 7.6. If you don't have new keys, go to Handy NBU Links in my signature, open the master download TN. In the section for 7.6 you will see how to obtain software and license keys.

Guys Before upgrading to



Before upgrading to do we need to upgrade at any earlier version ex 7.5 as currently we have

Accepted Solution!

Look at my 1st post above.

Look at my 1st post above. Open the Upgrade Portal TN. You will see that you can upgrade directly.

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