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upgrading netbackup environment - what is the most efficient way?

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Hi guys,

So i have a NBU 7.7.3 environment that contain the following servers:

*Master Server - 7.7.3 on RHEL 6.7

*Media Server - 7.7.3 on RHEL 6.2

*B2D - an old NetApp

*Robotic Tape Library.

Our main goal is to upgrade NBU to 8.2 to keep up with the possiblity to backup & restore new technologies but also current technologies.

for that we've purchased:

* New physical server that will be functioning as Media Server

*New E-Series as B2D

*New Robotic Library

*current master server is physical so the intention is to set a new one as VM

Now, As i see this i have 3 upgrade paths:

1.keep the old environment for restores,set up a fresh 8.2 environment with the new equipment (lowest priority,costumer prefers one system to manage everything.) RHEL 6.2 and 6.7 are not supported by 8.1.2 and above,perform an in-place upgrade for the RHEL to 7/8,and than perform software upgrade,Master Server should also be converted from P2V.

3.install a fresh 8.2 enviroment and perform data and catalog migration between old and new NBU environments.


My main concern is that im jumping significat versions ahead (major releases).

has anyone performed such proccess? 

what is the most simple way in your opinion?

Thank you.


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what are the current retenctions on the existing envirnment? can you effort to keep the old envirment up and running untill last backup image expires?

if the answer is yes, going with the1st option is simple and less complex. in the end you wil have one enviornmetn but during the transistion phase you need to mange two enviorments. 

so appreantly costumer said that option 1 is not relevant because they backup to tape for infinity,that means the "old" environment will always be relevant and never to be decommisioned..

i'm left with migration to a new OS,did anyone performed that one before?

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Like to migrate, you need the same version in both servers, I recommend installing version 7.7 on a new server with the latest RHEL, migrating the master server to the new server, then upgrading the Netbackup version to 8.2.
Remembering that for this you must keep the same hostname.