vCenter permissions for NetBackup vSphere API backup

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We're going to push our VMware 4.1 farm to backup using NetBackup 7.0.1 Enterprise Server.

I went through the manual and installed VMware proxy host (NetBackup media server), but my question is about user in vCenter. What permissions should I give to this user? I've seen recommendations for using Administrator, but this is overkill for simple backup/restore operations.

Any ideas, technotes?

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Check this

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There is no need to have

There is no need to have permissions for entire vCenter. You can use a Restore ESX server.

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Check this

I just use the admin account

I just use the admin account in our environment, I guess at minimum you require an account with at least write access to be able to restore. Try this link even though it's not specific to account permissions:


Thanks for the swift

Thanks for the swift response, let me review this technote with my security team.

Hi Gerald, Thanks for the

Hi Gerald,

Thanks for the link, looks like useful, but I can't find any references to permissions there.

Cool, thanks

Cool, thanks guys!



Alex -What are the minimum permissions needed to properly backup and restore using vStorage api?