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vSphere 5.1 Support Update

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Symantec and VMware are unwaveringly dedicated to quality in our jointly developed solutions. During our testing with the VMware vStorage 5.1 API Symantec discovered issues* that introduce data recovery risks. We raised these concerns with our friends at VMware, who documented them in their knowledge base and in the VMware vSphere 5.1 release notes.  VMware expects to release a vStorage API update, and at that time we expect to retest and once again support joint solutions.

Read this blog for more details!


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NetBackup and NetBackup use VDDK 5.0 so we should be ok with vSphere 5.1 Backup/Restores?

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From what I understand, VMware does not support VDDK 5 with vSphere 5.1, even though it probably works - having said that, I can't seem to find any VMware support statement either way...

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But NetBackup will only use VDDK 5.0 no?

We have been backing up 200 VMs with vSphere 5.1 combo and no issues.

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But we must stress that currently, it's not supported.  That means Support can't help you if you experience any issues.  (Naturally, we hope you never experience any issues!)

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Whats the update Symantec?

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Symantec is currently in end-of-year shut down, so you may not have an answer very quickly.

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Yeah. Symantec needs some time off. They have worked very hard providing us delayed product support.

In the mean time IBM and VMware are releasing product updates and patches every other day for the last week or so.

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Hi BigTimeOne,

Your sarcasm is noted, but it appears you missed the update to our Statement of Support back on 12/17:

DOCUMENTATION: Support for NetBackup 7.x in virtual environments (updated December 17, 2012).

From this update (pages 12-13):

Support for vSphere 5.1 in NetBackup

NetBackup supports backup and recovery of vSphere 5.1.

The following issues will be resolved in a future release:
■ VM hardware version 9

In vSphere 5.1, the latest virtual machine hardware version is 9. NetBackup does not recognize version 9, as follows:

■ When restoring to vCenter 5.1, virtual machines with hardware version 9
are restored with hardware version 8. To restore to version 9, use a VMware
interface after recovery to upgrade the virtual machine to version 9.

■ When restoring to vCenter 5.1, virtual machines with hardware version 7
or earlier are restored with hardware version 8 if you do not select the
NetBackup Retain original hardware version option. To restore to version
9, use a VMware interface after recovery to upgrade the virtual machine
to version 9.

■ When building a query for automatic selection of virtual machines in the
NetBackup VMware policy, the virtual machine version "vmx-09" is not
recognized. As a workaround, use a query that specifies vmx-08, such as
VMVersion Greater "vmx-08".

For a description of VMware version numbers, see the section on virtual
machine compatibility in the following VMware document:

What’s New in VMware vSphere 5.1 – Platform

The VMware document explains how to set a default virtual machine
compatibility level (for a hardware version other than 9).

■ Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 guest operating systems
vSphere 5.1 adds guest operating system support for Windows 8 and Windows
Server 2012. At this time, NetBackup supports recovery of the entire virtual
machine for those guest operating systems. File-level and application-level
recovery will be supported in a future release.

I  hope this clears things up a bit.

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No, we have seen the update. What did Symantec do to correct the Backup will fail issue?

Symantec claimed all backups will fail from all vendors. Until VMware fixes the issues.

So Symantec did not release a fix and neither did VMware. So whats the deal?

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Symantec is supported with vsphere 5.1 and there are 300 fixes done on this version. 

It better to get upgraded to .


Here is the download link :

-Rahul B


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Ok... Symantec, can you explain something to us poor users?

-You claim VMware needs to update VSphere API and there’s nothing you can do till they get off there rump and fix it.

-Other backup software does not seem to have this issue, you claim they are playing fast and loose with our data to enable VSphere 5.1 backups and we should count ourself luck Symantec is such a top shelf company it would never put us at risk like this, so like good users we must sit and wait for VMware to fix it.

-BOOM all of a sudden, out of the blue, NetBackup now support VSphere 5.1!! OMG VMware didn't issue any fixes for VStroage so how on earth could this be! And when was released again?..... 

-What black magic does this NetBackup possess that allows it to accomplish the impossible?!

You can’t have it both ways Symantec… Blaming VMware and other venders while enabling another product in our line up to do exactly what you just got done telling us can’t be done….

Not to mention the timeliness of this fix… going on a year after release… shame…

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I'm not sure what you're asking us.

Did you notice the original blog post was updated back in January?

**UPDATED** Quality Wins Every Time: vSphere 5.1 Support

Also, the TechNote referenced above was updated in February when was released:

DOCUMENTATION: Support for NetBackup 7.x in virtual environments (updated February 20, 2013).

If you're asking about the recent update to the BackupExec statement of support, I will have to direct you to their forum instead.

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Any news on support for VMware vSphere 5.1 Update 1?

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CRZ, if you read those documents Symantec specifically states VMware will need to release an update to fix this issue and that's what's holding Backup Exec back from supporting 5.1.

How can this be true when now NetBackup supports 5.1 and VMware has not released any fix. 

How can NBU support VSphere 5.1 with only a patch to NBU.. why can't BE be patched the same way? There is still no excuse to the delay in 5.1 support... it's really, really poor customer support at this point. 

Talk about how much you support the customer, are dedicated to a product... do great work is just that.. only words. Actions show the true story loud and clear. 

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You can keep asking the NetBackup guy Backup Exec questions, but he'll probably just keep shrugging.  I'm sorry you're not getting satisfactory answers from me about BE.  Perhaps you could engage someone at the BE forum.  I look forward to your reply in June!

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I believe there's a note in TECH127089 (page 15) which applies:

Unless otherwise stated, NetBackup for VMware supports VMware updates.

So if you are in an environment where 5.1 is supported, that means we should automatically support 5.1U1, 5.1U2, and so on in the same environment at the time of release...UNLESS we specifically note an exclusion in the statement of support.  As far as I know, there is nothing on the horizon as far as excluding 5.1 Update 1, but if you find it DOESN'T work, definitely open a case and let us know.

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Sorry CRZ.. I didn't notice this was the NBU forum. I believe it was linked to in a BE toppic and I just hit reply.

The responce from the BE doods is "ahh.. BE isn't NBU".. well no kidding... they won't let little things like past statements and facts get in the way of progress I guess. 

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Pretty nice since im working with netbackup and vsphere.

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