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vddk 6.0.2 or vddk 6.5

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Hello everyone
I have to migrate Vcenter 5.5 for windows to VCSA6.5.
I suppose that when I migrate to VCSA6.5 the version that I will have will be vddk 6.0.2 or vddk 6.5 ?. I am interested in 6.0.2 so as not to migrate to the netbackup version 8.1.


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My question to you:

Why would your company be interested in upgrading infrastructure components, but not the backup software to support it? 

First we want to install or migrate to VCSA 6.5 and then we are scheduled to update netbackup later.
But if you install a new VSCA 6.5 or migrate from vCenter 5.5 for Windows to VCSA 6.5. What version will vmware use the vddk 6.5?

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Have a look at NBU 8 - 8.x OS SCL :

In the VMware Compatibility section, the NBU -> VDDK -> vSphere versions are listed. 

The SCL also says to 'Refer VMware VDDK release notes URL below ... ' 

According to the documentation NBU 8 - 8.x OS SCL and Refer VMware VDDK release notes, I have seen that it does not comment on the version of vCenter Server Appliance 6.5 (VCSA), but on the esxi host version.
I understand that if the VCSA 6.5u2 virtual machine is inside an esxi 5.5u3 netbackup 8 host it will use vddk 6.0.2.
If I have understood correctly the netbackup is based on the esxi physical host and not so much of the Center Server Appliance.