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vltopmenu issues with Windows 2008

Level 6

I just moved my NBU 6.5.6 installation to new x64 hardware running Windows 2008 R2 standard. Since the move whenever I run VLTOPMENU for vaulting I am having problems.

The menu will load and can I enter container names and tape IDs, but when I enter x or y to exit or save, nothing happens - even in upper or lower case. Previously I was running my NBU system on Windows 2003, and all was OK.

I have checked compatibility mode and run as administrator, but nothing helps.

Anyone seen this problem before?



Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified

Check to see if it is logging anything when you are using it - it should log to the path shown below.

Not sure about x and y - would generally use q to quit


Level 6

Hi Mark,

I checked the vault log and this contains no errors, no netbackup thinks all is OK. I just ran it again a couple of times, and eventually got vltopmenu to work the way it should, but I have to press enter a few more times than I normally would. Below is what I have had to do - I will keep looking for a fix.

* vltopmenu
* c - container management
* m - move media into one or more containers
* do you want to enter barcodes - n
* enter container id: fri-week1
* press enter, and a blank line appears, normally media ID option appears
* press enter again and "Enter Media ID" appears
* enter media IDs
* when no more to enter, type x
* enter media ID appears again, but shouldn't
* type x again
* this time it works, and shows a summary of container and media IDs
* would you like to save operation (y/n): type y
* press enter and a blank line appears, normally it would just save
* pressing enter again and this now saves

Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified


Is this all done via a Remote Desktop Session or on the server / Remote Admin PC itself?

Just wondering if your keystokes are ebing lost somewhere

Level 6

I have run vltopmenu via an RDP session and console session, and get the same results. I am able to enter a few media ID's - maybe 6 or 7 and then the command prompt window either hangs and has to be shutdown, or the "enter media ID's" prompt goes crazy and scrolls up and down the screen, and again the command prompt window has to be shutdown.