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vm backup failed with EC-20

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vm backup is failing with EC- 20 invalid command parameter.

master - AIX nbu version 7.7.3

vm - windows 7

when taking snapshot from VC , its completed.

when change any parameter in policy and click ok error is:' snapshot could not be created with vmware_v2 method.'

please provide solution.



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Were you able to take a look at bpfis logs ?

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No solution can be given without knowing more.
What are you using as VM backup host? What is OS and NBU version on backup host? Is backup host the media server as well?

What is VMware/vSphere version?

Are backups of other VMs in same policy successful?

What does your policy config look like?
Post output of
bppllist (policy-name) -L

Master server is the backup host . OS - AIX version 7.7.3

VC version : 5.5

only one VM machine backup is there.

for output of policy, pls see attached.



Are you able to successfully take a quiesced snapshot of the VM from vCenter?

Yes, i can able to take successfull quiesced snapshot of VM from VC.

when i change some field in policy and try to save it. getting attached error.

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You cannot use AIX as Vmware backup host. Only Windows, SUSE Linux and RHEL are supported backup host. See NBU SCL for detailed list of supported backup hosts.

Thanks All. We have taken FS backup now.

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Certainly not ideal solution.

Do you know that VM Backup Host can be a regular client?