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vmphyinv not reading everything

Level 2

My tapes got jumbled.  I'm using vmphyinv to sort things out.  Its not reading some tapes.  There are a number of unassigned tapes in the library.  Presumably, with no labels, vmphyinv has nothing to read.  The number of tapes vmphyinv can't read is higher than the number of unassigned tapes.  It seems unable to read some tapes that should have valid labels.  Of the tapes it can't read, I can't tell which tapes have data and which tapes are empty.  Everything gives the same error.  Is there a workaround? 

This is the same tape accessed two different ways. 


# ./vmphyinv -verbose -rn 4 -slot_list 8 -d hcart3

Available drive(s):
Drive type = hcart3, Device host = brown, Number of drives = 1

Waiting for mount of media ID A00007 on host brown
Mounted media ID A00007 on host brown
Unable to read tape header from media A00007
System error : I/O error (5)


# ./vmphyinv -verbose -u 3
Unknown or corrupt media detected in the drive


Level 2

The data tapes vmphyinv couldn't find were hiding out in what my tape library calls "mail slots".  Apparently, vmphyinv doesn't look there.  Problem solved. 

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Great stuff.  That's correct - vmphyinv will only look at data slots - those are the only slots that the robot presents to the backup application.

So - that means the example that you've posted above was really a new, unlabelled cartridge.