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_vxfivspache.tmp file

The <_vxfivspache.tmp> file is causing us a lot of problems. Several times, machines have run out of drive space. On one system currently, one of these files is 110 gigabytes.

What can we do about this file?
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Re: _vxfivspache.tmp file


This should helps Smiley Happy

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Re: _vxfivspache.tmp file

I have heard that elsewhere. That's as good an answer as any.

Re: _vxfivspache.tmp file

If you are using Macfee version 7.0, you may try the steps below. I got it from a forum (can't remember) when i encountered this problem.

Excluding the SSM.exe process from scanning by VirusScan 7.0

1. Open the VirusScan On-Access Scan Properties console and select the All Processes item on the left-hand side of the window.

2. Select the Use different Settings for high-risk and low-risk processes radio button.This will cause two other items (Low-Risk Processes and High-Ri
sk Processes) to show up on the left-hand side. Selecting this option allows certain processes to be designated as high-risk and others to be designated
as low-risk. Any process not explicitly defined within the high-risk and low-risk sections are Default Processes.
The scanning properties for High-Risk,Low-Risk and Default Processes can then be set separately.

3. Select Low-Risk Processes on the left-hand side of the window and go to the Processes tab. By default, the process list is empty.

4. Click on the Add button.This will bring up the Select Application dialog

5. Click on the Browse button. This will bring up the Open dialog

6. Navigate to InstallPath\NetBackup\bin. Select SSM.exe from the files list and click the Open button.
This will take you back to the Select Applictaion dialog, with SSM.exe now in the list.

7. Ensure that SSM.exe is selected in the Select Application dialog and click OK.

8. SSM.exe is now the only application in the Processes tab

9. Go to the Detection tab for Low-Risk Processes and deselect When writing to disk and When reading from disk

10. Click OK to close the VirusScan On-Access Scan Properties window.

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Re: _vxfivspache.tmp file

I'm not using McAfee, but that still deserved a helpful rating.