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what compression algorithm does Netbackup use?

what compression algorithms do Netbackup use, respectively in policy-based compression and deduplication compression?

can anyone tell me?thank you very much.

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Andy,   See this



See this LINKS:


Symantec Deduplication Calculator:


This links have all information do you need know about the Netbackup Compression and Deduplication.


Just more one information, the Netbackup Compression dont need a separeted license, but Deduplication have a separete license to use, I recommend you use both, because some policys and file types dont need to be dedup because you dont have much gain, but the others file types have a high compression rate when use deduplication.

thank you for your infomation

thank you for your infomation .

form your infomation ,NBU software compression(policy-base compession which is used before deduplication  ) uses Lempel-Ziv (LZ) compression,but which  algorithm the deduplicatiopn compression (in pd.conf,there is a compression option which is used after deduplication ) use is not mentioned .


thank you all the same

thank you all the same

thank you all the same

thank you all the same