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what is data domain

what are differences between data domain server and disk based netbackup server????

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Data domain is disk based backups with lots of built-in intelligence like dedup, replication, etc.
For more info, go to their web site:

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Datadomain gets some of the best deplication ratios of any deduping tool we use (avamar, ZFS, etc).  Its nice, kind of pricey.  You can run Netbackup backups to data domain just as a DSU, no big deal. If you have the money its a nice solution.

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BTW, Datadomain have VTL option. You can use it as Tape Storage Unit.

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and have been accused of trying to sell their products here - I just think they are really solid appliances.

Their interface is very easy to use, and they get great dedup rates, especially if you keep like files together.

They are NOT cheap, but well worth the money.

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Datadomain can also replicate data from one device to another and also provide NFS and CIFS shares.

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We two DataDomain 690g1s fronting HDS AMS2500s.  One of the DDs is local and the other is at our DR site.

We use storage lifecycles to write the primary copy to the local DD and then duplicate to our DR DD.   

We are very pleased with our deduplication ratio.  The daily reports are very informative.  The command line interface is good.  Can't comment on the GUI...never used it.

Our only problem is we purchased the gateway product, with the understanding that we could add capacity.  Then EMC aquired DD and now there's no way to add Hitachi disk. 

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 Along the same lines, how does Data Domain compare to NetBackup PureDisk?

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There is no doubt that DataDomain is the market leading Dedupe appliance out there.  They were close to first to market, and have lead the charge from there.  That said, they have some of the best dedupe rates, but also the most expensive.

Then again, you should NOT dwell on dedupe rates too much.  All the top 5 vendors seem to be <20% within each other.  

If we use the 80/20 rule...  If PureDisk gets you 80% of the way there, at 60% of the cost, can you give up some features?  

One of the most compelling features about PureDisk, is that there is NO hardware agenda.  DataDomain is expensive, and you are locked into EMC storage.  Additionally, replication is included in the license, as is OST like functionality with NetBackup.  All extra with DataDomain.

Currently DataDomain can dedupe NDMP from NetApp, but I hear PureDisk is getting that now or in the next month via a hotfix.  Thus the gap is closing...

If you are stuck on an appliance, Quantum and Exagrid are doing pretty well in the market as well, and include the replication and OST license.

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but I know before EMC owns DD, the DD support was very good.  Their techs were very knowlidgable.

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And that will still be the case for at least the remainder of this year before EMC folds them into completely.  Right now, while under EMC, I'm sure they are still pretty autonomous to some degree.  But given a few more months, you may see some support changes, pricing changes(actually that has happened already to some degree), and more..  Some for the good, some for the bad, such is life when being acquired by a larger company.

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We are using connecting Hitachi (AMS2300) LUN's to our DataDomain. One problem we did experienced was that we could not allocate LUN's larger than 2TB to the DD's.

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Is it true that DataDomain products can only replicate over the LAN?  I've only read one whitepaper and it seemed to me that it couldn't replicate over the SAN.  Also, is the de-dupe not in-flight, i.e. it's scavenge based?