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while loging netbackup server error is coming 526 error code

Level 2

Dear Friend

                  I have one netbackup server 7.7 , while doing loging in server some error is coming , please help to loging into the server , its very urgent , i attaching error snap also , unable to login status:526 nb-java application server interface error:unknown error code was returned by the nb-java application server .check the log file for more details


Level 6
The error code 526 is pretty generic error code for java console.. you would come across multiple technotes if you simply google this error code

You would need to share the nbjlogs to start with.. Apart from that we do need more details such as are you getting this error with a specific user or all the users.. have you tried to login with Administrator/root credentials.. Is this a new install? Have you tried accessing the java console from some other machine? Is the master server and java console both at base 7.7 version? What is the OS on the master server and the machine you are accessing java console from?

If the error is specific to a user then you would also need to enable EAT logging for java console..

If the issue is too urgent please consider logging a support call to get immediate help..

They are telling we don;t support , because of 1year is completed , its very urgent i want support immidiate , plese any one help me