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why is my restore requiring tape media when backup image is on disk?

Level 4

NBU 7.7.3

i have my policy set to keep a backup image on disk for a day.

so the backup ran at June 12th 20:00 and finished after 4 hours. then on June 13th the DBA ran a restore with following RMAN parameters:

set until time "to_date('12-JUN-2019 00:00:00','DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI:SS')";

which to me means to restore the June 12th backup.

it started the restore job (still running) but it loaded tape media! if my backup policy says to keep the backup image on disk for a day, why then the restore uses tape medias for its job? why it didn't read from the backup image on disk?


Level 6
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Maybe it's a matter of interpretation (and I think NBU's interpretation might be the same as mine).

The date that the Oracle dba used in 'set until..' was 12-JUN-2019 00:00:00 - in other words 20 hours before the June 12th 20:00 backup, right?
So, that means that the restore was probably done from backup that ran on 11 June.

You should be able to see the image-id that was used in Job Details or in bprd log.

bprd log (on the master) is good to see how the restore request was interpreted by NBU.