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windows batch file for starting Netbackup job

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Can anybody please give me a script which  starts the backup by calling specific netbakup policy. The server is windows based server and it needs the backup to be started after a specific activity gets completed. Please help me to get this script.


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Where will the backup be initiated from? Client or master?

If master, you can use 'bpbackup -i' (same as right-click on a policy and select Manual Backup) e.g.:

<install-path>\veritas\netbackup\bin\bpbackup -i -p <policy-name> -s <schedule> -h <client-name> -L <logfile>

The schedule needs to be automatic type schedule (Full, Cum_Inc or Diff_Inc). The policy Backup Selection will be used.

If initiated from client:

<install-path>\veritas\netbackup\bin\bpbackup -p <policy-name> -s <schedule> -f <listfile> | <filenames> -L <logfile>

File/path name(s) can either be specified as part of the command or added to a filename, specified by -f option. The schedule needs to be User type and needs an open window during which user type backups are allowed.  The policy Backup Selection will be ignored.

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bpbackup also takes a -t argument for the policy type.  An MS-Windows-NT policy is type 13.  If policy happened to use FlashBackup-Windows, you'd want to specify type 29.  There are other special types for other application-style backups (Exchange, MS SQL, etc.)


To test your script, create a policy with a very simple file list like C:\WINDOWS\system and work with that.  Write it to a disk staging unit with a very short retention (1 day) and you can quickly ensure you have the right arguments.

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bpstart script and use normal Netbackup scheduling.