Announcing NetBackup 7.7.1

Don’t let the double-dot fool you. There are a lot of enhancements in this release. We don’t normally make a big deal out of a X.X.X release, but as we continue to become more agile you will see more feature content included in these so-called minor releases.

The biggest news is Accelerator for NDMP. With this new capability your NetApp NDMP backups just got a lot faster. This feature works in a similar way to other NetBackup Accelerator implementations; changes at the block level are tracked and captured with each backup operation and then combined with previous backups inline to synthesize a full backup image for fast recovery. The result is that after an initial full backup you no longer need to run full backups on those massive NAS systems you have. Performance improvements will vary depending on your data change rate, but one of our beta testers reported that their regular 48-hour backups went down to one hour!

For customers backing up to the cloud, we’ve continued to expand our support for cloud storage offerings in this release. In particular, we now support the new Amazon S3 Standard – Infrequent Access (Standard – IA) storage class offering, providing a lower-cost alternative to the Amazon S3 Standard service. See what Amazon Web Services (AWS) had to say about this announcement.

NetBackup Intelligent Policies just got a lot smarter in NetBackup 7.7.1. We’ve integrated with the new VMware Tags feature in vSphere 6 to allow customers to design their policies to select, protect, and retain VMs based on how they are tagged. In addition, VM administrators can now search for and sort VMs using VMware Tags in the vCenter Web Client.

For details on every single enhancement and change in this release, take a look at the NetBackup 7.7.1 Release Notes. But if you just want a quick summary, take a look below:

Scalability and Performance

  • Accelerator for NetApp NDMP–full backups at the speed of an incremental

  • Windows System State incremental backups–faster Windows backups with less storage space


  • VMware Tags–select, protect, and retain VMs based on tags


  • Amazon S3 Standard – IA–back up data to this new cloud storage service from AWS

  • AWS Private Clouds–connector support for GovCloud and Commercial Cloud Service (C2S)

Application Awareness

  • Day one support for Microsoft Exchange 2016–start backing up Exchange 2016 right now

  • Microsoft SQL AlwaysOn Availability Groups–long time coming, but they are now supported

  • Oracle Pluggable Databases–protect these new Oracle 12c database types

Administrative Efficiency

  • Java console improvements–single sign on, type-in search, faster activity monitor, and better filtering


Any idea when Appliance 2.7.1 will be released?

We are waiting anxiously for Appliance 2.7.x release.

Customers are not upgrading as many have Appliances as master server.

Appliance customers cannot use Accelerator for NetApp NDMP as long as 2.7.x is unavailable.

Hello Marianne. The Appliance 2.7.1 update is expected to be available sometime within the next month. Watch the blog area for an announcement.

Are you talking about it going FA this month, or GA ? =)


Apologies for the lack of excitement. Wondering why Veritas even went ahead with 7.7 release when they were nowhere near ready with Appliance software. We have not even seen any invites for Beta testing. Most resellers have demo units which would be ideal for testing. Why no official statement about the delayed release?

When is the regular Windows admin console coming back? Did Symantec / Veritas consider there may be envionments in which Java in any form is not allowed? How can we take advantage of 7.7 if we are forced to use Java? We have higly scure envionments in which Java in any form is not permitted. This is the biggest mistake that Symantec/ Veritas has made. 

You'll probably need to find a new backup product if you have a no-Java rule.  There is Java in use by all parts of NetBackup / OpsCenter, not just the ill-designed Admin Console.


Is NetBackup 7.7.1 FIPS 140-2 Compliant?  I don't see it on

Last Updated in August of 2015.  Trying to alleviate security concerns from above conversation.

Any further update on the release of appliance software 2.7.1, it's been well over a month now as the above response mentioned and still no communication as to an intended release date?

I don't understand the secrecy, but I hear it's going to be released sometime in the first half of January.