Dockercon EU 2018 and beyond: Veritas leads the competition

Steve Singh, President and CEO of Docker, shares the Docker mission on stage at Dockercon EU 2018.Steve Singh, President and CEO of Docker, shares the Docker mission on stage at Dockercon EU 2018.Last week, I had the positive experience of attending Dockercon EU in Barcelona as a sponsor. The energy at the event was contagious. Having been around the IT industry for several decades, there are times when you can feel a bubble about to explode and change the entire industry. I felt it with the move to consolidate data centers, in the rise of virtualization, and with the adoption of cloud; I felt it again at Dockercon EU with the impact of containers on the data center – the ability to move data, anywhere.

For the first time in years I was able to look around the exhibit floor as a sponsor and know that Veritas is ahead of the competition. We recently announced the first Docker certified data protection solution, and we were the only data protection company sponsoring the event. It was exciting for those of us at Veritas, and for our customers.

A highlight from the Veritas Technologies booth at Dockercon EU 2018.A highlight from the Veritas Technologies booth at Dockercon EU 2018.

We had 40 customers and partners stop by our booth to discuss their organization’s transformation to containers, sharing insight to how we can support their move from test to production by protecting critical workloads.

I was able to meet Steve Singh, President and CEO of Docker, who shared the Docker mission and discussed digital transformation – a movement Veritas has been a part of for years. And he was excited to hear about Veritas’ solutions.

Insight shared with attendees of Dockercon EU 2018.Insight shared with attendees of Dockercon EU 2018.

Docker has seen a tremendous growth over the last year, with over 1B container downloads every week and 5M new applications added to their infrastructure. As a company they released their first product in 2013 and are currently growing at around 100 new customers per quarter. In January 2018, IDC reported 76.4% of companies are running mission-critical apps in containers in their production environments.

One of Docker’s key goals this year is to transform legacy applications and move them to Docker platforms, providing customers the opportunity to give those systems modern attributes to help security, portability and radically improve the innovation cycle. This is a strong story for Veritas to support – taking the protection of those platforms from a “legacy” methodology to our new protection for containerized workloads. Since we understand both spaces, we are unique in our ability to help our customers transition.

Explaining the potential in transformation, Steve stated, “It’s clear that any kind of digital transformation is going to require a next generation distributed computing platform that can run any kind of application on any infrastructure so that you can interact with your customer in a multitude of ways connecting each transaction with every other transaction while providing a seamless experience from development to deployment to management of those applications in a process that is repeatable, that scales and that’s secure.”

At Veritas, we’re grateful to be in a position to support our customers and partners in their digital transformation in partnership with industry leaders like Docker. Together, we can help customers move to the next level of the future of the data center. I can’t wait to continue this journey with Docker.