Say Goodbye to Legacy Availability Strategies and Hello to Resiliency Platform from Veritas

Business IT services are complex and more often than not, have numerous application and service dependencies across heterogeneous infrastructures and platforms. In addition to backing up data, many organizations rely on native tools or virtual point solutions like Veeam. Unfortunately, they only work in virtual environments and don’t cater to critical business services that may be running on physical hardware. This dependence on multiple tools for different parts of the IT environment can lead to fragmentation, siloes and lowered visibility which increases the risk of IT downtime.

To gain market competitiveness, you need to have a predictable business resiliency strategy– what does that mean? It’s one that minimizes downtime risk related to the unknown. Click here to download the 5 tips that will help you move away from a fragmented recovery based approach to a proactive and predictable approach to business resiliency.

Here’s an example of how making the right choice in partners can really set you ahead (or behind). Meet the Anderson’s. They are CIO’s from different companies. Watch as they go head-to-head to conduct disaster recovery tests


It’s no secret, choosing the right partner to drive your data protection strategy is critical. Move away from legacy vendors and say hello to Veritas Resliency Platform.

Learn more about how Veritas takes care of your business uptime so you can enjoy your downtime. 

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