Netting Out NetBackup

Posted on May 31, 2019

Learn more about the Veritas Learning Lab by Veritas Education

Veritas Learning Lab provides customers access to hands-on, interactive educational product training, so they may take on today’s IT challenges with confidence.

Posted on May 29, 2019

Newly released: NBKubed Beta 1.1 for NetBackup 8.1.2

To our customers who downloaded the first NBKubed beta—thank you. Because of your feedback we are excited to release an updated version!

Posted on May 16, 2019

NetBackup integrated appliances and pizza: important decisions in today's time-pressed world

Do you build your own pizza or have one delivered? See how the decision to make or buy your backup appliance maybe simil...

Posted on May 15, 2019

Veritas Information Studio: a technical deep dive


With Information Studio, Veritas provides IT professionals a tool to easily identify specific details about data and the information it contains, pinpointing areas of risk, wa...

Posted on May 7, 2019

Clear data analysis, confident data action: that’s Veritas Information Studio

Introducing Veritas Information Studio—providing IT professionals a tool to easily identify specific types of details ab...

Posted on Apr 25, 2019

Taking on your organization’s cloud journey with confidence with AWS and Veritas


As those of us at Veritas Technologies embark on this year’s SAP Sapphire Now conference, we are reminded just how much ...

Posted on Apr 11, 2019

NetBackup with CloudCatalyst: write to the cloud with ease


In this VOX video, the Veritas NetBackup team provides a quick demonstration on configuring NetBackup to deliver data to any cloud provider.

Posted on Apr 10, 2019

Nutanix and Veritas Technologies: taking on tomorrow’s IT challenges, today


Nutanix and Veritas are building upon their shared success in continued partnership, with new solutions to be announced ...

Posted on Apr 5, 2019

From the Desk of NetBackup Product Management: taking on Big Data with NetBackup

This video marks the first in a series created by product experts on the Veritas NetBackup team to share insights on the...

Posted on Apr 4, 2019

Enterprise data in the cloud requires enterprise-class protection


With Veritas NetBackup available on IBM Cloud Marketplace, our industry-leading integrated offerings are more accessible...

Posted on Mar 18, 2019

Released: the first beta for NetBackup Server in Kubernetes

To better assist customers transitioning to containerized environments, Veritas is releasing a beta version of NetBackup Server for Kubernetes, or NBKubed.

Posted on Mar 15, 2019

Solving data center sprawl with the Veritas Flex Appliance

When we asked Veritas customers about their IT challenges, the proliferation of IT infrastructure was often at the top of their list.

Posted on Mar 13, 2019

Veritas Education launches the Veritas Learning Lab

The Veritas Learning Lab gives customers access to a set of hands-on, real-world lab activities to inspire improved clarity and understanding of Veritas data management soluti...

Posted on Feb 27, 2019

Configuring NetBackup to scale to AWS


A quick video demonstration on how easy it is to scale a Veritas NetBackup enviroment to send backups to the cloud: specifically, AWS S3 Storage.

Posted on Feb 26, 2019

The Sherlock Holmes and John Watson of Data Protection


I'm a huge Sherlock Holmes fan. But what makes Holmes and Watson such a good team? The simple answer is their combined skills. Individually, they're excellent detectives. But...

Posted on Feb 25, 2019

Bringing Cloud Down to Earth

There’s something very satisfying about turning apples into apple juice. In my spare time, I’m a hobby farmer. Using apples from my orchard, I produce apple juice and cider. I...

Posted on Jan 28, 2019

The leading 4 reasons to protect big data and open source database workloads

In this VOX post, I share the leading 4 reasons to protect big data and open source database workloads.

Posted on Jan 10, 2019

Optimize data delivery and storage: Veritas NetBackup CloudCatalyst can do that


With NetBackup 8.1, Veritas introduced CloudCatalyst, extending the Veritas Deduplication Engine (VDE) technology that d...

Posted on Jan 3, 2019

Optimize storage costs: Veritas NetBackup CloudCatalyst can do that


Cloud solutions are now a significant part of the data landscape. Organizations across industries are modernizing their ...

Posted on Dec 13, 2018

Dockercon EU 2018 and beyond: Veritas leads the competition

Last week, I had the positive experience of attending Dockercon EU in Barcelona as a sponsor. The energy at the event was contagious.

Posted on Dec 13, 2018

How to get in Shape for Today’s Security Challenges and Counter Ransomware Attacks

Organisations are facing two main challenges: GDPR and ransomware . Read my blog to find out more.

Posted on Dec 3, 2018

Introducing NetBackup for Containerized Workloads

Learn about the industry's first certified solution to backup and recover Docker containers.

Posted on Nov 28, 2018

Gartner IT Infrastructure Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference 2018: Rise of the Modern Workload


This presentation from the Gartner IT Infrastructure Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference is about the rise of the m...

Posted on Nov 16, 2018

Veritas NetBackup 8.1.2 achieves certified integration with SAP HANA®

Learn more about the latest industry certification obtained by NetBackup.

Posted on Nov 16, 2018

Modern workloads need modern management and protection


Following the recent announcement that Veritas is extending its partnership with Nutanix, I reached out to my new colleague Andrew Brewerton, Director of Channels (Western Eur...

Posted on Nov 7, 2018

Attending the VMUGs? Come Say Hi and see the New NetBackup 8.1.2!

If you’re headed to the Nashville or the UK VMUG events, stop by the Veritas booth for some modern data protection learn...

Posted on Nov 1, 2018

NetBackup Parallel Streaming: A look into NetBackup 8.1.2


How NetBackup offers an agentless, plugin architecture to protect scale-out workloads such as Big Data, NoSQL and Hyperconverged infrastructure.

Posted on Oct 22, 2018

From GITEX 2018: Modernizing your organization's data protection approach, with Yamen Alahmad


At GITEX Technology Week 2018, Yamen Alahmad shared details on modernizing your organization's data protection approach.

Posted on Oct 22, 2018

From GITEX 2018: VIP, Virgil Dobos, discusses complete data management with Veritas


From GITEX Technology Week 2018, VIP, Virgil Dobos, offers details on developing a comprehensive data management strateg...