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Altiris Certs

Level 3
Partner Accredited
What is required to become Altiris certified?  My TAM believes that the Symantec Management Platform is the future of security, and I don't want to be left in the dust when it takes off in my region. 

Level 6
Please see this link for information on Altiris Client Management Suite 7.0 Core Administration


Level 3
Hi Nicholas:
Great question!  As a member of Symantec’s North Americas’ Channel Programs Office team, I thought it may be helpful to provide you information specifically related to your partnership as a Symantec partner.   While Cycletech directed you to a training page where you can sign up for Altiris Client Management Suite training and information about the exam resulting in certification, you may want to consider earning the Endpoint Management Specialization. This Specialization will provide you additional benefits associated with your partnership, whereas the certification will not.  
Quick overview
The Endpoint Management Specialization provides qualified partners with recognition of their expertise in providing Altiris solutions to customers.  The Specialization allows you to gain recognition and grow your business by maximizing your Endpoint Management opportunities. If you have a moment, check out the Fact Sheet on which illustrates the benefits and requirements associated with the Specialization.  I’ve copied a snapshot of the benefits below:
  • Additional Discount, which may be made available on Altiris products dependent on partner level within the Symantec Partner Program (SPP). (1)
  • Access to Altiris Sales Leads and Services Leads for Altiris products.(1)
  • Eligible to register qualifying Altiris opportunities in Opportunity Registration, which provides an additional margin and/or rebates to eligible partners who actively identify, develop, and close incremental sales opportunities on qualifying products. (1)
  • Access to Internal Licenses for Altiris products for use on production networks (2); and NFR license keys for a range of Altiris products for use in partner training facilities, briefing centers, or customer demonstrations.
  • Access to Altiris Sales Training and Altiris Technical Training programs, offering online training and assessments at no charge to help sell and position Altiris products and solutions more effectively.
  • Access to the Altiris Knowledgebase.
  • Access to the Altiris Beta Center, which provides an opportunity to engage with Symantec at various levels of the development cycle for selected Altiris products.
  • Listing on the Symantec Partner Locator marked as an Endpoint Management Specialization member to help customers and partners search for partner organizations that can meet their specific Altiris needs.
  • Endpoint Management Specialization certificate and logo.
  • Eligibility to participate in promotions, initiatives, and partner events and to receive ongoing communications for Endpoint Management members. (1)
 (1) May be subject to additional participation requirements and acceptance of specific terms and conditions. (2) Internal Licenses for Altiris Products do not include tech support.
I’d agree with your TAM that there’s absolute value in earning the Specialization.  For complete information, log into PartnerNet ( Click Here: Endpoint Management Specialization to go directly to the information regarding this Specialization. It will take you directly to the Endpoint Management Specialization page.

Level 6
Partner Accredited

Level 3
I thought specialization refers to a partner organization meeting a minimum accreditation set and certification is very much an individual drive?

Level 4
Partner Accredited
Hi Auntyasher,

Yes, you are correct.  Specializations are given to a partner company after a specific set of accreditations are achieved.  

A certification is obtained by an individual employee after they complete the end user training that is provided by Symantec Education Services.  Certifications do not count towards accreditations nor specializations.

Level 3

Understand that it takes much more than just passing online exams to be a confident partner to support endpoint mangement solutions.

Needs some thoughts what are the ' must know' stuff and practical ways to be a confident specialized endpoint management partner?

Care to share the journey a specialized partner has to take to be qualified as endpoint management spec?