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Anyone using social media to keep up with Channel trends and info?

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If so, what outlets are you using - Facebook? Twitter?

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Facebook and Twitter

Follow a lot of people from Symantec on Twitter, they follow me back. Also follow a couple of other things on Twitter to keep up to date

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Hi Jonathan,
Good to know! I just started following you on Twitter. :) Looking forward to the conversation and thanks for the feedback - keep it coming!

- Christy

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Just joined the Facebook site, so I will see what all it has to offer!

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Hi Craig,
I'll be interested to hear what you think about Facebook for business purposes...if we created a Symantec Partner Fan Page, would you join and look for information updates at that location?

Thanks for your feedback - we truly value it!


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Has anyone started a social media program since this thread was started? Anyone thinking of starting one?

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I'm doing the Facebook and Twitter thing as well. Both were used for this week's Vision conference.  So far, following Symantec on Twitter has been worthwhile. A couple times a week, I will spot an interesting article or bit of news that I might have otherwise missed. As far as Facebook goes, it doesn't seem like Symantec has used that as much.

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I'm on Twitter and Facebook...  Facebook doesn't seem nearly as useful as Twitter so far, but I'm probably doing it wrong :p

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You may want to follow the hashtag #ChannelBiz it is used by many people and as always some use it to promote their stuff but it is a lot of good information

There are a few really active LinkedIn Groups about channels:
Channels Of The Future

Channel Excellence

VAR Talk

I guess it is by far the most important source for business people to get to know their clients, partners, vendors... Those who think neee Facebook is personal and LinkedIn is business - think of it this way:
You want to be *social* check me out on Facebook. You want to be stiff and check what I did two years ago - ....

A very powerful tool to learn and educate others
Check out  Social Media Presentation No. 200,000 you'll love it.
Not really politically correct language though !!!