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Customer renewals - how does a partner take advantage?

I have several clients that are using products such as SEP and have been doing so since its release.  The problem I've now begun to encounter is that these customers are receiving "renewal" notices from Symantec and consequently are having these renewals purchased directory throughSymantec, not through me as their Symantec partner. 

My company is fairly new as a Symantec Partner so I"m not familiar with how to "insert" my company as the reseller for a customer's product renewals, but at this point it seems Symantec does not automatically recognize this status and link my company to the customer in any way. 

I do my reselling through distributiors like Ingram and TechData so I can understand why there is no linkage between my sale to the customer from Symantec's perspefive, but iether way....

How can I ensure that a customer's product renewals are going through me, managed by me, and of course sold by me, and not done directly via emails/phone calls from Symantec?  

Thank you to anybody that can point me the right way.  ! 

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Customer renewals - how does a partner take advantage?

First off, thank you for your partnership and let me assure you that driving renewals through partners is our main focus;  however, based on your post, there seems to be some confusion. Let me see if I can provide some clarity.
You are correct that Symantec sends email renewal notifications to customers with support contracts that are due to expire – with the goal of driving the renewal through the partner.  These are sent at 60- and 30-days prior to expiration, as well as “at-expiration” and “post-expiration.” All these communications contain the partner’s name, and phone number when available.  The 60-day and 30-day notifications direct customers to a portal, where the customer can create a customer estimate to be emailed to their Partner.  The customer cannot renew directly with Symantec during this time.  We also call customers at 45-days pre-expiration reminding them about their upcoming renewal(s) and direct them to their partner to renew.  Again, they cannot renew directly with Symantec. They are directed to the partner.
It is only with the “at expiration” and “post-expiration” notifications do we provide a customer the option to renew through their partner, OR via the online portal directly with Symantec.  At this point, our goal is to ensure the customer is covered from a support perspective.   
If you have experienced something outside of this, we definitely would want to know. Our goal is to enable your success and drive renewals through our partners.  Please feel free to contact us at

 When we place orders with

 When we place orders with Distribution, we get a copy of the license certificate sent to us by e-mail.  I track these certificates in a simple Access 2010 database which automatically e-mails customers 90, 60, and 30 days before expiration.  When they get the notices from Symantec, they usually contact me since they know I will give them a discount from list price.

Thanks very much

Thanks to both of you for the information (very helpful). 

I have an additional question or two. 

After furtehr review I realized that the particular customer I had in mind while writing my post had done their initial SEP purchase through a previous IT provider, so my firm wouldn't be listed. 

What steps should I take to get my company listed as their partner going forward?  Should I email the address provided above? 

The reason I ask is that in my short time as a Symantec partner I've seen something like 2 or 3 different  email addresses that had the word "partner" in them so I'm not sure what is considered the primary contact address.  Or is there a directory of addresses that also shows what purposes each is for?  

Thanks again!

PS:  I like that idea about the Access database - unfortunately I haven't touched Access since I think Office 2000 or maybe even 97 :) Guess I should take a look at it again. 

Customer renewals - how does a partner take advantage?

I’m glad the information was useful.  Regarding your SEP example, your company would be listed as the reseller-of-record once you sell the customer the SEP renewal.  Our team at can help you with your renewal specific questions.

Ok thanks again I do have

Ok thanks again I do have some additional questions now.  Perhaps I'll post them here in case the answers could help anybody else: 

Being a new business (just over a year) the first client that I sold their intiaal SEP purchase to will need to renew in May. 

Now with the 60, 45, and 30 day notificfations in mind, when is the ideal time to sell the renewal?  Should I do it a couple of weeks in advance of expiry just to make sure reseller details are updated?  Or could I go ahead and sell it today (or anytime), but on the license certificate just have the renewal day's date on it? 

Thanks for helping a newbie here. 

Additional Renewals Question - Timing

Hello MIXIT,
Feel free to ask away and we’ll do our best to respond, as do fellow partners as Nicholas did above.   As you note, others may be asking themselves the same question you are.
Symantec notifies the customer up to four times, starting 60 days prior to expiration, directing the customer to close the renewal with the partner of record.  The ideal time to sell the renewal would be any time starting 60 days prior to support expiration.  Depending on the customer, you may consider starting the renewals process sooner, as the end user’s purchase cycle may impact when the actual negotiation and quoting process should begin.
With proper Proof of Purchase included on your order to distribution (Proof of Purchase = Renewal ID, reference/Instance number, etc), Symantec’s order services team will extend support one year from the current expiration date, when a renewal SKU is ordered.  If ordering after expiration, an Upgrade SKU may be required, in which case support would start the date the order is placed.
Reseller and end user contact information will be updated with the order, and will be the new contact information of record for future notifications on that opportunity.
Best wishes,
Oregon Duck Fan (Lauren Trent)

I often find that I get the

I often find that I get the best results when sending a renewal quote to a customer between 45 and 30 days before expiration.  In the event that you fall behind, or the customer is slow to issue a PO, there is a 90-day window to get the order placed before you are required to order the upgrade, rather than the renewal.  I always set the expectation with the customer that if I don't have their order within 1 month of expiration, their price will go up.  This gets a PO nearly every time.


When you say a more expensive "upgrade" would be forced on them, do you mean just the full price as if it were a new purchase?  Or are there threee levels of product pricing:

1.  new purchase/full install
2.  Upgrade purchase (but what if they already haev the latest version?)
3.  renewal pricing

Admittedly I don't know a lot about how this works as I haven't had occasion yet to be concerned.  Say my customer has version 11 of SEP yet they for some reason decline to make a purchase until after 90 days beyond expiry - what are they buying at that point?  Version 12? or just version 11 again at full "new install" price?