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Did you know that you can offer your customers all of Symantec's products & solutions even if you are not authorized to sell them?

Level 3
Employee Accredited

Even if you are not authorized to sell certain Symantec products & solutions such as NetBackup, Enterprise Vault, Storage Foundation, Endpoint Management or Data Loss Prevention, you can still offer these solutions to your customers.  You can refer your leads for these solutions via our Partner Referral Program and receive rebates and revenue credit when the opportunity closes with an authorized partner. 

  • Includes Authorized Products Program, Endpoint Management and Data Loss Prevention products
  • Rewards you for referring these opportunities to an authorized partner
  • Allows you to remain the trusted business advisor with your customers

You can remain involved in all aspects of the opportunity while partnering with a partner who has the experience and technical expertise to deliver these solutions.  Visit the Partner Referral Program page on PartnerNet today to learn more. If you’re not currently enrolled in the Symantec Partner Program, go to to learn more and enroll.


Level 6
Partner Accredited
Thats Good opertunity to generate some more revenue

Not applicable
Any idea whether at all or when this will enroll for EMEA as well? The link provided does not work from a German account in Partnernet.