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MSP/XSP Partners - No Communication or Source of Info?

Level 2
Partner Accredited

I've been a Symantec Partner, selling products primarily through the MSP/XSP selling program, for about 3-4 years. The way I find out that products are being discontinued is when I fill out my quarterly usage report and find that the product is missing from the price list. When was discontinued, my customers were notified about 3 months before I, the partner, was notified. Am I the only one that doesn't get any information from Symantec except high level communication, such as the announcement that Veritas is to be split off? How do partners keep up to date?

Also, I find it terribly difficult to get information about Symantec's various products. How do partners learn the details about Symantec's various products? The provided training only gives sales information and not information on what the product actually does. Representatives are hard to reach and don't seem to know the products very well.

I'm hopeful that the Symantec/Veritas split will solve some of the communications/information issues as I've been frustrated for too long.