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Monitoring machines

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Good morning,
 It would not be important in similar forensic software security solution to point some strange movement in net for manual configuration?
 Would not it be nice to send this log to the administrator so that it has real science of what happens on their machines?
 The fact that even happens that the only security solution for password and disable it is discovered any protection software with password folder can hold a virus where this solution can not be detected due to have a password contained
 Performing a test in a given security software that will not mention the name says it the same as the high power of detection can not detect which way the folder with password there is a virus code that I created is not the same as new I sent them to the database and still is not detected because the folder containing password.
 In this case the solution would be important to periodically report to the administrator the steps that are being taken on all machines on your network because each machine would have this solution that would monitor every activity detecting managing such facilities that protect files with password and security does not detect your code simplest is that despite being in the database.
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good informationcheeky

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Thanks for information.