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Risks of fraud power increase in business

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The risks of fraud in computer security or enterprise networks have grown considerably in Brazil and worldwide. Essas são algumas das conclusões de um estudo realizado pela Deloitte intitulado “Risk Intelligent governance in the age of cyber threats”. These are among the findings of a study conducted by Deloitte titled "Risk Intelligent governance in the age of cyber Threats."

 The study, which took into account other surveys to be drawn, points out that in 2011, organizations heard suffered an average of more than one successful cyberattack per week, which represents an increase of 44% compared to 2010.

 "Companies generally, should no longer be questioned about the possibility of such an attack happen. É bem provável que ele já esteja acontecendo”, destaca André Gargaro, sócio da área de Gestão de Riscos Empresariais da Deloitte. It is very likely that it is already happening, "says André Gargaro, a partner in the area of ​​Enterprise Risk Management at Deloitte.

 The cyber attacks, the study indicates, may harm a business in various ways, from simple vandalizing the site, even to the shutdown of electronic fraud and intellectual property theft.

 In Brazil, Deloitte indicates, with the exception of the financial industry, preparation companies is still very reactive in relation to protection. Apenas depois da ocorrência de um evento considerável é que as corporações começam a se preocupar com medidas para evitar impactos de outros ataques. Only after the occurrence of an event is significant that corporations begin to worry about measures to avoid impacts to other attacks.

 "The ideal is to anticipate possible attacks through knowledge of their potential invaders and shapes how they act. As empresas precisam investir de forma mais eficiente em ferramentas, pessoas e processos”, aconselha Gargaro. Companies need to invest more efficiently in tools, people and processes, "advises Gargaro