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Tailor Symantec product documentation for your customers

Level 4
Partner Accredited

I really wanted to create my own customized version of a Symantec product document for my customers.  I thought it would be cool to tailor the datasheet to address their specific needs.  I also wanted to include my company’s information on the datasheet, so that they knew to call on me when the time was right to go ahead with their project.   After asking around I found that Symantec has a pretty cool tool that allows me to do this – it’s called SymBrain – has anyone else tried this? I can use it two ways – online and through the desktop version (which i happen to like better because i don’t have to remember any passwords now that i’ve downloaded it). After spending some time in SymBrain, i found that it gives me direct access to Symantec Solution and Product information.  You can take the canned Symantec product information and tailor it to your needs, even adding your own logo files! 


If you need help with the new tool, here is the contact email  I used to get answers.  Overall it was pretty easy to use, but if you get stuck, they get back to you pretty quickly.