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Veritas Partners' Renewals Portal, unusable...

Level 5

I am having repeated problems with the Veritas Partners' Renewals Portal. I have opened a case about this, in the past and the issue went away, briefly. However, it appears that this issue is happening frequently. I am able to log into the portal, without any issues; however, once in the portal, the menu options are pretty much non-responsive. I am able to see the "Current Opportunities" page, but the other tabs either take several minutes to load or just time out. I have opened another case, with their customer care team, but thought I'd check with the community, to see if anybody else is having issues. It may or may not be relevant, but I am in Australia, so often accessing the site, out of US normal office hours. I say this because the site appears to work most reliably during US office hours!

I've just realised this forum drops new posts into the North American forum, by default. Not sure anybody ever uses the Australian one, as I'm the last person to have posted in there, a log time ago, pretty much!


Level 6

Hello, @deejerydoo – I've contacted my internal support partners to highlight the Veritas Partners' Renewals Portal timing issues you've encountered. Lagging on a platform can be a hindrance, and I'd like to be able to offer additional details.


I'll update you upon this discussion thread over the coming several days.


I hope I find you well, slow loading aside!

Level 5

Well, Veritas appears to have fixed the performance issues. Now we're unable to see the majority of our renewals data. All licensing documentation has been provided to the Veritas Customer Support team, several weeks ago and we still can't see all bar one of our renewals. I have, today, just had confirmation, from a senior manager in the CS team, that there is an as yet unresolved technical issue, that caused the renewal data, of some customers, to appear, following the transition from the Symantec to the Veritas licensing portals. There is currently no date for when this issue is expected to be fixed. In the meantime, I have, finally, had it suggested that I ask the CS team to generate a manual renewals report. Why it's taken them almost a month to suggest this option I have no idea? So, I am now waiting for this report, to see if the renewals information is there...

And now the performance stinks, again.

I have no idea what Veritas are doing with this portal but it is terrible and in no way helps Veritas partners manage their licensing opportunities. In fact, so far, thisportal has hindered my business.

I am also seeing conflicting "Opportunity" information.

This is a total waste of time, Veritas...