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What's included in Symantec University for Partners in addition to online training?

Symantec University for Partners not only offers access to online training but a variety of other learning tools. We have specially designed training paths to ensure you meet program requirements. We also offer a variety of enablement tools to assist in your learning. SymBrain will help you identify cross selling opportunities and possibly expand your deal. Symantec Enablement Toolkit provides an off-line self paced learning environment. We also offer regular webcasts on the latest topics and products.
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Janice It is great to have

It is great to have all these resources for partners.
On my personal experience on preparing and taking STS exam it would be good if each training path had a checklist of additional necessary steps to be lets say 90% ready to pass the exam successfully.

The reason for that is simple: not all IT professionals are able to take official Symantec training prior to taking the exam. One of the reasons: it is not available in the region, and travelling abroad could be expensive. On the other hand lot of these people are willing to take the exam ans pass it, and willing to train on their own.

Returning to the online trainings - they're great and absolutely necessary to be able to pass the exam. But they're not enough. E.g. thorouhg study of Admin Guide should be the part of self-education, and it should be followed and/or accompanied with the practical experience.

Reply to Volo


Each assessment exam has the associated online training listed in PartnerNet on each product training path – no instructor led training is mandatory to successfully complete an assessment exam.  The training and associated assessment exams are always grouped together under the heading “Accreditation Training and Exams” for each product training path.  Each assessment exam lists the recommended preparation, sample exam questions, the exam objectives, and a study guide as separate documents.

I hope this helps with your exam preparation.

Janice, I has passed


I has passed NetBackup STS Exam.
The checklist for the successful exam prep says:

You are about to take the Veritas NetBackup 6.5 for Windows Technical Assessment.
This assessment is based primarily on training content taught in the NetBackup 6.0 “Core” course.
The following is also recommended
• NetBackup 6.5 “Differences” course
• NetBackup commands manuals

Both bullets are true - no passing STS for NBU without knowing commands. But also you should go through:

  1. Veritas NetBackup (tm) 6.5 Administrator's Guide for Windows, Volume 1
  2. Veritas NetBackup (tm) 6.5 Administrator's Guide for Windows, Volume 2
  3. NetBackup 6.5 Backup Planning and Performance Tuning Guide

I agree with you - yes, each assessment exam has the associated online training listed in PartnerNet on each product training path. And it is really great. I'm not saying that it works bad. It is really good.

In terms of futher improvment it would be great if Symantec Partner team review each 'The following is also recommended' section in Technical Assessment document to make it more full. This will give potential STS more confidence while preparing to pass the exam.

Volo, I got the idea. Was it

Volo, I got the idea. Was it really possible to pass with the resources you say?

To Janice - the University is

To Janice - the University is great. Keep it that way!

For the NetBackup STS exam -

For the NetBackup STS exam - passing was not easy at all. But I did it... on the second attempt.

As stated in my prev post - the list of preps is must have. If miss just one document or training - fail.

Taking official courses if preferrable, but I don't have them locally. Dreaming to open my own Symantec training center wink

What country are you from?

Hi Volo,

What country are you from? Maybe there is am Authorized Symantec training centre closer to you than you think!

Kind regards,


Kim, hi Appreciate your

Kim, hi
Appreciate your attention.

I'm from Kyiv, Ukraine and the closest center to us is RedCenter (, Moscow, Russia).

As for me, I would like to take training (STS) on Cluster Server and DLP (there is one in PartnerNet, but I think that it would be great to attent some instructor-led training).


Yes, that's right, we use

Yes, that's right, we use Redcenter in Russia, as well as Softline & Resource. And if there's enough of you that require training in the Ukraine, I'm sure we could organize a customized training at your location ! :)  Unfortunately you would probably need at least 8 people to justify the cost!

Thank you, Kim! Will keep

Thank you, Kim!

Will keep that 8 number in mind. It is another reason for me to form the first Symantec UG here smiley