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Looking for NetBackup partner in Eastern ontario

Hi Veritas Partners,We are looking for a partner to help us with frontline support for our Veritas Netbackup environment across 3 datacenters and 250 TB of data. We are also migrating from 7.7.1 to 8.1.1 within the next month as we have to migrate fo...

cnadeau by Level 2
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Partner Engage - Marketing Tool

Hi Veritas Partners,We are looking for a partner to help us with frontline support for our VeritasNetbackup solution. We are also migrating from 7.7.1 to 8.1.1 within the next month as we have to migrate for Vmware 6.5u2.Please let me kow if you are ...

cnadeau by Level 2
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Who is our Channel Partner?

Can you please provide me with our Channel Partner Rep contact info?Brian EithRelus Technologiesbeith@relus.com678.488.7456

5String by Level 0
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Veritas Partners' Renewals Portal, unusable...

I am having repeated problems with the Veritas Partners' Renewals Portal. I have opened a case about this, in the past and the issue went away, briefly. However, it appears that this issue is happening frequently. I am able to log into the portal, wi...

GDPR compliance = Veritas Data Insight

GDPR Compliance = Veritas Data Insight If you want to be General Data Protection Regulation compliant you need to have tools to protect your data and make sure that it is protected from the security risks . Data Insight can help you by giving you liv...

Girishrox by Moderator
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Unable to view backup image from different master server

We took the backup at Site B –STHQ...... –With Site B Master server –STHQB......  and our expectation to see this backup from different server –Site A Database server –using the Site A –Master server. But it is not working and we are unable to see th...

BE 16 FP1 Launch Webcast

There is a BE 16 FP1 launch webcast at 8:00 a.m. Pacific Time (PT) on Friday, April 28 where BE team members will talk about how this latest update solves the biggest backup challenges. Be sure to register for this webcast and get geared up for #OneB...

Veritas sales Contact for Los Angeles Area

Hello,I am trying to look for the Veritas sales person for the Los Angeles area, I have an existingc lient in that wants to upgrade tehir EV product but I can't get anyone at Veritas Sales to answer a phone.Thanks for the help,Ricardo Uribe

uriber by Level 0
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Data Insight 5.01. Filer Health error

Hi ,In Data Insight 5.0.1 we are receiving "Event Monitoring for the Filer is sttoped" error and filers are getting disconnected.Detailed Description :"V-378-1339-2044: Disconnected from filer FRPA-VFSX-CF01, VServer[frpa-vfsx-cf01], Cluster[frpa-pfs...

Kernal by Level 4
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Workflow Contract Work !!

Hello, I need  Workflow engineer to do some work before the End of the Month. If you have time to work during or after hours for about 1 week, this would be very helpful for me. We have an installation that needs to duplicate an existing processs, ...

MSP/XSP Partners - No Communication or Source of Info?

I've been a Symantec Partner, selling products primarily through the MSP/XSP selling program, for about 3-4 years. The way I find out that products are being discontinued is when I fill out my quarterly usage report and find that the product is missi...

Rugen by Level 2
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Resolved! How to obtain Backup Exec NFR licenses thru the Partnernet portal

Can someone provide the exact location where in the portal you must go to request the Not For Resale  partner keys? I'm looking thru it and trying to find it, even the support chat did not provide the information other then the link to partner net :...

ITMS Software Manager Field

I have the ability to create custom data classes related to hardware assets in ITMS, but would also like to create custom data classes related to software and also would like the ability link that data class to a software software resource. Please ad...

guilloryg by Not applicable
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