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Failed to create SPN data file error

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I am not able to run the SPNLaunch program. I have tried executing it both with Firefox 3.0 and IE 7. I run it as administrator. No matter how I execute it, I always get the error message:


"Failed to create SPN data file. Please go to the SPN Portal and download the agent installer again"


in the Symantec Protection Network Install Manager window. JavaScript is enabled. I have full permission for the directory. The file permission settings are correct.


SPN Launch v1.0.3.926

OS: Vista SP1


Any suggestions on how to get past this error? Thanks.





Level 3

The first thing I would try is to remove your temp files. More specifically, the %userprofile%\Local Settings\Temp\spninstall. Make sure to copy any .log files to your desktop in case we need to review them later. After that, temporarily disable the Vista UAC (User Access Control) and try again.  


If that does not work, you can choose to save the download. Once downloaded, go to the file, right click, and choose to run as administrator. 


One other question to ask is your OS x86 or x64 bit. Currently we do not support x64bit OS, we are working on it but do not have a time frame released yet.


If all the above does not work, I would suggest giving us a call so we can work directly with you to resolve your issue quickly. Also, at this point go ahead and send us your .log files gathered earlier to We are available 24/7 by phone or email listed below.  



Peter Stearns

Symantec Protection Network

Customer Support: (866) 223-5977



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Level 2

I'm running on an x86 system.


The above fix did not work. I will email the log files to you.

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I am experiencing the same error. Trying to install on Windows 2003 Server. x86.


Any resolution?

Level 2
No resolution yet. I've been sending log files, etc. to customer support, but not hearing a lot back. The problem has been escalated up at least one level. I was told they were going to call me at the end of last week, but someone at Symantec forgot.

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Thanks for your patience. And thanks to both of you for taking the time out to work with us on coming to a resolution for this issue.


Today we were able to resolve the issue for DVignali. It seems that the account he was using to log in to the server was an account with domain admin rights. This would normally be fine but this account was also utilizing roaming profiles which caused issues in the temp file creation. Logging in with the actual local administrator account was the solution in this case. We might expect to see the same issue if a user account had folder redirection enabled as well.


We also had success in solving the issue for ScottE33. The issue was caused by a limitation/feature/setting in Windows Vista Home (or Home Premium.) By default, the local administrator account is disabled and along with that certain administrative privileges. The simplest way to enable the administrator account is to open a cmd prompt by right clicking on it in the start menu and selecting Run As Administrator. In the cmd prompt enter the command "net user administrator /active:yes"

Then you can log out and log back in as Administrator, and install our software normally.


These may be considered work arounds for the time being.



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