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Trying to understand the concepts - SOS & SOSBE!

Level 2
Partner Accredited

1. Does SOB support continious backup? If yes how does it work?

2. Data retention: Is that 400 versions? Is every version saved as a different file and charged?

- Does this hold good even for SOSBE?

3. What happens when I change the media server (SOSBE)?




Level 4

I'm sorry this post has gone unanswered, apparently I wasn't getting notifications from the forum!


1. Yes, we continuously monitor and send the changed bytes from the data being monitored.  A full technical white paper will be released VERY soon (hopefully within the week) so let me ask you to hold off just a bit on that answer.

2. You are charged only for the size of the source data (averaged nightly across 30 days) regardless of # of versions or change set size.

SOSBE works differently, where you are charged by the total size of the BKF files you store with us.

3. You just need to install the SPN agent again and remap the online storage folder to the new media server.


Richard Goodwin

SPN Product Management