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Vista Support on the Horizon!

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Our developers have been working diligently to implement Windows
Vista support for our Symantec Online Backup product. At this time we are
pleased to announce that we have a target release of Mid-September 2008 for the
new version of our Online Backup Agent. We appreciate the patience that you,
our customers and potential customers, have expressed in waiting for us to
provide support for this operating system.


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This is great news.


I really hope you implement it for x86 as well as x64 at the same time as many systems are now running on x64 to take advantage of greater memory capacities.


But I have learned not to get my hopes too high for anything now since I will probably be let down on that for another year.  Vista x64 RTM date was end of 2006.

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So when will Vista support coem out for the product?

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Hey there plutonetworks!

We actually announced Vista support yesterday, and it is ready for download now. At this point we still support 32 bit only, but continue to focus on 64bit for the future. 


More info in my blog post: