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Alerts and notices

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We are evaluating Online Backup and I set a backup to run one directory last evening. This morning when I checked our account there was the following alert:
Date  Jun 24 2008 04:14:05 AM GMT
Files processed  4254
Directories processed  84
Bytes processed  899619748
Files failed 15
Directories failed 0
Bytes failed 26652160
Followed by this notice:

Your backup job Backup XXXXXX 6/23/2008 8:49:40 PM has completed on system XXXXXXX at Jun 24 2008 04:16:28 AM GMT.
Files processed: 24
Directories processed: 2
Bytes processed: 456740864

Errors reported: 0
Warning reported: 0

So did our backup finish? Is it complete?
Is there a way to print a list of the files that were backed up or files that were missed?
Thanks in advance for your help

Message Edited by Mel1521 on 06-24-2008 09:01 AM

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We use a combination of scheduled backups, interspersed with continuous backups, to ensure files are completely protected. It is possible that the first job did not grab all of the files (if they were locked/open, if there were network issues, etc.) , and so they were picked up by the second job. (Or if files had been modified between time 1 and time 2, we would back up the modifications, hence the additional notification.)

If the data in the folder is relatively static (i.e. not changing) since the first backup, and you continue to get messages about additional data being backed up, please let us know by contacting support (either by phone or by using the ticket submission functionality inside the portal).

An easy way to verify that files have been backed up is to visit the Restore page for your computer and verify the files that are shown as available for restore. Also, support can work with you to look at any log files you may have for more details.  We are working on some enhanced functionality for the future that will give you more "real time" visibility into the files that have been backed up as well.

Thanks for being an SPN customer!
Richard Goodwin
SPN Product Management