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Compatibility of Master NetBackup and Oracle Agent

Dear Gurus,

I have a few question. currently we running oracle database 9i and using Master Netbackup v5. We plan to upgrade the Oracle DB to 10g ( Is Oracle Agent v5 compatible with Oracle DB 10g? if not, what version NBU oracle agent that I should install? if we should use the latest version of NBU Oracle agent, do I need to upgrade Master NBU also? Is there any lisence that I should buy that I should consider regarding upgrade Oracle DB Version?

I need your advice to make the upgrade Oracle DB smoothly.




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Hey Mate,   NetBackup 5.0 is

Hey Mate,


NetBackup 5.0 is EOL. I would strongly recommend upgrading the NetBackup environment to 7.1.

Please note that if you want to upgrade to 7.1 from 5.0 you need to go through the several upgrades as in 6.0 EMM was introduced.

If this is too much work - please reconsider building a new NetBackup environment and migrate slowly servers from 5.0 to 7.1