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Netbackup 7

Hi all,


we are proposing a solution to our customer to implement a Centralized Backup Solution using NetBackup .

The offered solution will be using the StorageTek SL500 Modular Library System and Sun Netra X4270 server that will be used as Master/Media Server.

our nodes are on X86 and Sparc platform and we have Oracle ASM with Diskgroup .

1- Can we have Master/Media server as BMR Server for both X86 and Sparc platform ? is there a compatibility list showing the type of Master Server related to BMR server ?


2- we need to backup the Oracle Database , Do we need an Oracle Agent for that ? or is there any other way to do that without an agent ?

3- Do we need a Fiber Connection between Master Server and Tape Library ?

4- Any suggested Solution/advise for the above scenario would be appreciated

Thank you.

Best Regards,