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Level 2
Please post any feature requests, service improvements, etc. here! Thanks.

Level 0

Support for SQL, Exchange and other database backup.  Some clients do not have Backup Exec, small databases and Exchange.  Some competing online backup solutions have this support.


Allow BackupExec online storage to backup directly to internet and remove requirement to backup to tape first?

Level 4



To your first request: we absolutely understand the need to support common infrastructure applications. We want SPN to be the "one stop shop" for common protection needs, so please bear with us as we continue to add new platforms, applications, and features. When things are ready you'll hear it from us loud and clear! :)


To your second request: We are constantly working to improve the performance and flexibility of people using Online Storage for BE. In many cases people are using BE specifically for the ability to keep the local copy around, or because of applications not supported by OB (as you pointed out). I can't promise we'll do direct backup, but I can promise that we want SPN and BE to work together as seamlessly as possible; if that means we can support direct backup in a model that makes sense then we'll work with customers to deliver that. 



Level 2
Partner Accredited

1. Support for other platforms like Linux

2. FTP transfers to improve the trasnfer rate

3. Other payment options for Signup