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PGP Whole Disk Encryption and Windows Servers issue

Hello, I have been using PGP Whole Disk Encryption for a couple months now on our servers, and it works very well. We encrypted three portable hard drives to use as off-site backup storage, and have only had one issue so far. The server is running Se...

"Invalid Symantic Recovery Disk Location specified"

I recently had the need to recover my disk from a backup.  I tried using the recovery disk, and that failed so I ended up trying to do files. In the process, I ended up getting my Save & Restore 2.0.0 updated to 2.0.6.  Now I want to make a recovery ...

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DLO client backup

I have facing issue with DLO client agent , user having 20 GB quota , but it will be showing after fiew month  6 or 7 GB perticular in mail pst backup, please help to reslove .

on-line back-up

I am looking for online backup for my 1TB of data (photographs and recordings) on external hard drives connected to my laptop, plus program files off the laptop. My partner uses Roxio for his desktop with exchangeable drives, but Roxio won't do exter...

When was your Last Backup?

Last Month I had a huge Problem I lost very Important Data from my Computer. That almost even cost my Job! Loosing importat Data sucks! So If you´ve had the same Problem you should consider the online Backup: The best one I found was ZenOK Online B...


What is the best way to backup your entire system?           Motivated Seller

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DB linking problem

Hi, I've installed the DB pack (oracle) in one media server (AIX 6.1). Excuted the "oracle_link" also. But wheneer i'm trying to expand "oracle in backup in Backup Files page. its givinng error:-  "Unable to get data for cleint host1 from server mas...

Automated Synchronization of Lab Computers

I know how to manually build and deploy an image using Ghost to a lab of computers but I want to remove the manual part. I want to dedicate 1 computer as a "Master". Subordinate computers can poll the Master at set intervals and determine how to "sy...

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using norton ghost 14.0

1. beginner to backup    please bear     norton ghost 14.0 guides you in this effort    at one point it asks where do you want to store or keep the backup material   for d it says read only   for c it says you cannot backup to the drive that you are ...

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Updates of Online Backup Agent cause problems

Hi The updates of Online Backup Agent cause a lot of problems if not installed immediately. Database server hung twice due to this and this agent is giving a lot of problem. I cannot click on the Backup link in My Computers in the webconsole of the s...

Online Backup can't browse files

Hi I can't browse my files from SPN's Online Backup. It simly shows directory named "Local Volumes" which is not expandable. 1)Event log was clean(no errors or warnings) 2)I received this error: "Unable to retrieve file system information the agent...

Restore Errror:The agent is processing other job.

I am using online backup at When I try to restore ; i always get the error Restore for xxxPC expired. Details Reason: The agent is processing other job. how do i fix this error -Pnestec

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Resolved! Can you

Can you take Online Backups if the the database is running in NOARCHIVELOG mode?

Resolved! me again

Wondering any good recommendations about how to manage my backups. Just started working at home. I'd like to use an online system that takes time snap shots like time machine on mac. Also would prefer to use an online system. I have looked at jungle ...

Resolved! back ups

I wouls like to know if anyone use online backups? If so which one do you use? Is it secure and pritected?

Can You

Can you take Online Backups if the the database is running in NOARCHIVELOG mode? ------------------------------------------- no. online backups / hot backups are only available in ARCHIVELOG mode.