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Max file size?

Is there a maximum file size limit? I'm trying to upload a 20GB SQL backup file over our T1 line.It's been running for two days and this morning the backup agent said it was idle. The file is not uploaded but another 500 mb file was successful.

LRJ by Level 2
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Mapped Network Drive Support?

So does this Symantec online backup solution support backing up mapped network drives? I was not able to find the answer on the marketing web-page! Thanks.

myadmin by Level 2
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Resolved! Who OWNS the data ??

Once my data is in the possession of your company, what assurances can you provide which address potential data ownership issues? How can I delete or remove information from the online store? I’ve read through lots of your promotional materials, and ...

Multiple Machine Backups?

I'm currently using SOS Online Backup which allows an unlimited number of machines to backup files with a single account (using pooled storage).  I'm looking to change services due to SOS reliability issues.  Is a separate account needed for each mac...

Service 'symrg' failed to start... during isntall.

I am trying to install the client software for the SPN, but I keep getting an error that...Service 'symrg' (symrg) failed to start.  Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services.I am logged in as Administrator, and all the othe...

Porting through ISA server?

I use ISA server as my proxy. Any thoughts to what I need to setup on the ISA end to allow this app to pass through? right now it won't let me go through my proxy (6mb) and makes me go direct (only a t-1). Thoughts?Thanks! 

Questions about FTP storage on SPN

I'd like to sign up for the $10/month for 10GB plan. 1. Can I just use my own FTP software to upload my files to your servers?i.e. I don't want to use Backup Exec.Possibly use Ghost 14, or something else. 2. Can you lock the account at 10GB max?I don...

Natey by Not applicable
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Please post any feature requests, service improvements, etc. here! Thanks.

Vista Support on the Horizon!

Our developers have been working diligently to implement WindowsVista support for our Symantec Online Backup product. At this time we arepleased to announce that we have a target release of Mid-September 2008 for thenew version of our Online Backup A...

Ted_Migdal by Level 4
Employee Accredited Certified
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Installation Log Files Location...

Question: Where are my install log files kept for installing either the Online Backup Agent or Online Storage Agent? Answer: Please navigate to the following directory and find the ".log" files.  Directory:    %userprofile%\Application Data\Symantec\...

need answers to the following questions

-Does SPN offer a bare metal restore option?-Can you restore data that was backed up from one server to another?-Can you restore data from a server that is down to a rebuilt server with the same name/client?-Can the SPN client backup Exchange or SQL ...

ecm by Level 3
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Issues with Windows Server 2003 Backup

I've installed the Protection Agent on a Windows Server 2003 server of ours but can not get the "Online Backup" to go to "Active" status.  The "Symantec Protection Network" Status displays as Active, but not the backup.Port 80 and 443 are open. *.spn...

Alerts and notices

We are evaluating Online Backup and I set a backup to run one directory last evening. This morning when I checked our account there was the following alert: Date  Jun 24 2008 04:14:05 AM GMTFiles processed  4254Directories processed  84Bytes processe...

Mel1521 by Not applicable
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Stopped receiving email alerts

I initially got email alerts after every backup saying success or fail (and I got a lot of fails by the way, to do with open files). But now the email alerts have stopped coming through, any ideas why?

Unable to retrieve file system information error

I've installed and tested the communications successfully, did a tracert but I'm getting the following error when I try to configure the backups:Unable to retrieve file system information. The agent or the system queried may not be running.Is there a...

JTT by Not applicable
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