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can't connect to PcA host that is on a Win7 PC

I have PcA12.5 on a number of Pc's. 2 with win7x64 and the rest with XPsp2.

None of the PC's can connect to the Win7 hosts over the internet. I can connect to them over the local network with their static IP address but not across the net. I have port forwarding setup properly with the 56xx ports on my router.

The win7 machines will connect across the net to hosts on my xp machines but not to other win7 ones. In my office I can connect to the win7 machine with the loacl 192.xx ip but not if I try it acorr the net with my accounts static IP and the staitic IP of the win7 machine.


What do I need to change on the win7 machines so the can be connected to (as hosts) from the internet. What is different than the XP setup? IT isn't a firewall issue either. I removed the security and results are the same.