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cannot access PGP disk

I have PGP Desktop Home version 9.1 on Windows XP which has been operating without problem until now. Now I cannot access an encrypted PGP disk. I am getting the following error message. "The passphrase you entered is not a valid passphrase for the PGP disk. (Note that there were one or more users with public keys that could not be checked, possibly because these private keys are not on the default keyring or the token has not been inserted.)"

Why am I suddenly getting this message - I have made no changes to my system? Why can't I access my file? What can I do about it?

 I don't see any other forum in which to enter this question.


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same here

I don't have a solution but the same problem.

I'm using a 10.1.1 Home edition. I've exactly the same problem and it started at about the same date. I can't mount PGP volumes.I always get an error message about a wrong paraphrase (which is not) and something about missing keys (I run a german version so the original message is in german).

I've got this problem with all pgp-volumes generated by this version. All those files did work fine bevor so it's not a damaged pgp-file. An old pgp-file, generated by an much older pgp-version still works.just fine.

I'm also not able anymore to generate new volumes.

I hope there will be a solution. I don't like to lose big amounts of data and it makes me very suspicious about using pgp.