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on-line back-up

I am looking for online backup for my 1TB of data (photographs and recordings) on external hard drives connected to my laptop, plus program files off the laptop. My partner uses Roxio for his desktop with exchangeable drives, but Roxio won't do external drives. Someone else suggested Ghost, but I do not understand the terminology used in any of the blurbs, and it all sounds far too much for my needs. Any suggestions? sensible pricing is also important!


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Backup Solutions


Have you tried an online backup solution?

I use My Online Backup ( but there are many online backup solutions out there.

The free account allows you to backup 2GB of data but the paid account (currently £3.97 per month) allows unlimited backups.

I have tried many of the solutions out on the market but have found none as simple as this.

I am an IT manager for a medium sizes PLC and we use this in our onsite data centre (we also us tape backup as you can never have too many backups wink)

Hope this helps


Tkanks for information And

Tkanks for information

And how about ?

Anybody use this storage cloud ?